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Mini Fantasy League Tips

Mini League Managers Take Note

These are not mini tips but more fantasy football tips for managers partaking in mini leagues - we have Quigliano's views below:

The problem with doing well at Fantasy Football is the constant looking over your shoulder! For those who play a mini league format you will know that getting one over your mates is essential for a good week at work. When you’re the only one who captains Aguero and he bags four you feel like king of the world…however when he stinks out Upton Park as your captain you want the world to swallow you whole; even more so when you called Bony to do well but ignored this advice to add Pelle.

What’s your point I hear you cry?!?

The point that I am making is that if you are doing well then don’t second guess your instincts to try and get the same team as your nearest rival. We are now at the point in the season where the leagues are taking shape. The early pace setters will have all the high ownership players (Costa, Sterling, DI Maria), the mid table players are trying to afford them, and the bottom feeders….well the bottom feeders are still sure that spreading the wealth throughout all areas of the team, including the bench.

They keys is to get those high ownership players right, but then balance out the differentials based on form and fixtures. If you see a form player has a bottom of the table team, get him! You’re making the decision based on sense rather than hope. If he blanks you can be frustrated but not as much as watching him blow up with a big points haul, then going into work to saying to your mates, “I had him in at one stage”.

Be bold but be sensible. If your mate in second has players you don’t, look at form and fixtures. If you are going win a league you need to be your own manager, so base the difficult decisions on your own choices rather than one that will keep you top for one more week, or that top spot may not be yours for long……and bottom feeders love company!!

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