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5 Step Guide to Winning Weekly Fantasy Soccer Contests

5 Step Guide to Winning Weekly Fantasy Soccer Contests

5 Step Guide to Winning Fantasy Soccer

Guest Post by John Hawthorne

Over the past few years, the population of managers who play weekly fantasy soccer has grown exponentially. Even gamblers are giving up on free bets and free bet offers in order to become real fantasy managers. With that in mind, the amounts of money up for grabs in weekly fantasy soccer contests have become lucrative. Since astute managers all around the world are employing the best handicapping methods available to select their teams, novice players need a guide to help them level the playing field just a tad.


If you are going to invest your hard earned money playing in weekly fantasy soccer contests, you need to recognize that many of your opponents are treating this like a business. They are investing both time and money into putting together strong teams that can compete in both head-to-head and multi-manager contests. Here is a five-step guide designed to help you consistently compete with some of the best managers on the planet.


  1. Gather Your Data - In sports, statistics don't lie. If you plan on selecting your team based on whim and your favourite players, you can just go ahead and hand your money to the winner because it won't be you. This game is tailor made for managers who have access to data. Some people even invest the time to create their own data bases. Of course, that's not always possible for people who have jobs. As a great alternative, there are plenty of sports websites that track soccer stats and provide the information for free. For more detail, there are also a few subscription sites that provide stats plus a variety of value-added information on each game.


  1. Select Your Contests - Most fantasy sports sites will offer both head-to-head and multi-manager contests. Your task is to find the right environment for your skill set. If you are a novice with limited time and resources, low Euro head-to-head contests allow you to compete against one manager at a time, winner takes all minus the site's "administration fee." For experienced managers with time and resources, contests with 3-10 managers offer nice size cash prizes in a highly competitive environment. Depending on the entry fee, large sponsored contests can be also fun with huge prize packages.


  1. Read the Rules and Scoring Guidelines - Before you go about selecting your team, read the rules cover to cover. Pay particular attention to the scoring guidelines, which are usually standard from one contest to another. That said, you always want to look and verify. You also want to pay attention to scoring biases from one position to the next.


  1. Review Salary Cap Values - Each week, all players scheduled to play will be assigned a salary cap value. Obviously, the better the player, the higher the value. On the initial review, you want to try to identify players who might be overvalued or undervalued based on defensive and offensive matchups for the week. Generally, a player will carry the same salary cap value one to the next with little regard for opponents. This creates a chance to capitalize on certain situations.


  1. Select Your Team - The best way to select your team is by employing a consistent set of rules.
  • Select offensive players playing against bad defenses and goalkeepers.
  • Avoid offensive players going against top goalkeepers and defenses.
  • Avoid selecting your favorite players unless they truly fit.
  • Check weather conditions.
  • Don't overpay for goalkeepers. You might choose average goalkeepers playing against poor offensive teams
  • Locate players who are streaking and avoid players who are slumping.
  • Use your entire salary cap.


As you're securing your free bet offers and making your free bets with your online sportsbook, you can use some of the same handicapping techniques to play weekly fantasy soccer. Truth be told, you need to use all the resources you can find if you want to be a successful fantasy manager on a consistent basis.

This article was written by self proclaimed fantasy football expert John Hawthorne. As a player of weekly fantasy football for several years John has heard the advice of many football managers and has found great rewards in helping others with their online fantasy football tactics. John is also a football and general sports writer for an Australian based website that analyzes free bet offers.

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