6 Ways To Boost Your Fantasy Football Points

You’ve already made endless tweaks to your fantasy football lineup ahead of the season, and by now probably convinced yourself that you have the perfect combination of players that will help you lift your league’s trophy in 38 gameweeks’ time.

But before you become too married to your squad, read through our tips section on ways to maximize your payroll’s potential. If you’re short on time, and especially if you’re one of the many punters in the world that likes to play fantasy footy for real money, then be sure to check out our abbreviated tips below before locking in your squad.

Plan Weeks In Advance

The best fantasy players aren’t just looking at their teams’ opponents for this coming gameweek, but also for three or more gameweeks down the line.

That’s great if your entire defense recorded clean sheets against bottom feeders this week, but doesn’t mean much if every one of them plays away at a top six side for the next three weeks. A smarter play would be to make transfers that would give you more favorable matchups across three weeks as opposed to one.

Invest In Your Squad, Not Your Bench

While it’s important to have reliable bench players that can rotate in and give you points when your higher value players aren’t playing, you also don’t want to be wasting money on your bench.

One example of this pertains to goalkeepers: many players like to go with one “sure-thing” keeper, someone like a de Gea or Cech that could get you an upwards of 15 clean sheets, then also a low-budget keeper that can rotate in on the rare occasions the former doesn’t start. Alternately, you could also invest in two low budget keepers and rotate them, ideally with at least one of them playing at home in any given week. If you notice that you frequently have mid-to-high priced players on your bench, it’s time to reevaluate.


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Understand Why Value Matters

Keeping an eye on the rising and falling of players’ value might not be the most exciting part of the game, but it’s no less important and can be the difference between first or second in the table at the end of the season. Quite simply, a player’s value rises or falls based on activity in the transfer market.

When you sell a player, you receive half the profit you made while he was on your team. So if you bought Player A while he was at 9.0 and you sold him at 9.8, you would get 9.4 in return upon selling (+0.8 / 2 = 0.4). While much easier said than done, the key is to pick players you think are currently undervalued, have been showing good form (but maybe not converting that form to points just yet), and have favorable fixtures forthcoming. If you can grow your team value a little bit each week, the transfers you can afford to make at the end of the season are what will separate you from the average joes.

Build Top To Bottom

Research and proper planning is key to starting the season strong. While it’s impossible to predict how players will perform, you can mitigate slow starts and off-weeks by having a balanced squad with plenty of rotation options.

When building your squad, many players tend to build in order from bottom to top, from goalkeepers to forwards. Inevitably, many players end up with a defense that’s just way too expensive instead of using that money on the big point-getters: forwards and mids.

Don’t Differentiate For The Sake of Differentiating

Every season there’s a player like an RvP, Sergio Aguero, or Harry Kane that finds their way onto everyone’s squad. With ownership percentage so high, it’s seemingly foolish not to include them in your own lineup for the sheer matter of nullifying some of your opponent’s points and then relying on your ‘differential’ players to hopefully outscore your opponents’. But sometimes players get carried away and choose too many players that have a low percentage of ownership as a way to earn points their opponents aren’t.

While sensible in theory, differentiating is a much better strategy near the end of the season than early on when you need to be concentrating solely on maximizing your own points. Even if you are absolutely convinced that Alvaro Negredo is going to take the Premier League by storm, it’s smarter to include him in your squad by saving money on your defenders as opposed to skipping over squad staples like Aguero, Lukaku, and Kane for the sake of being ‘different’.

Wildcard Patiently

Even though in every league there are a few players that to decide to use their wildcard after week one, this is a fool’s errand. One gameweek is way too small of a sample size to make a judgement on your entire team’s potential value. Most players aren’t in form yet and are still getting used to new teammates and tactics.

Have a little faith in the squad that you dubiously research and picked for a reason: you wouldn’t dump your otherwise productive team in the middle of the season if they had a bad week, so why would you in the first week? Not every player that scored the previous week is going to score in the second, and when you transfer out everyone you are also going to crash the value of your team.