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A Beginner’s Guide to FPL 2016/17

A Beginner’s Guide to FPL 2016/17

Fantasy Premier League 2016/17 - A Beginners Guide

It is the Summer currently and the European Championships in France are coming to an end currently. That means only one thing, that many of us are beginning to agonize over their possible Fantasy Premier League aka FPL line-ups. For example, how much is Zlatan Ibrahimovic going to be in FPL?, Is he going to be in and around the same price as Sergio Aguero? or How is playing in an International tournament going to affect players, maybe less so Petr Cech and Jamie Vardy compared to Dmitri Payet and Aaron Ramsey.

So, FPL Ibra is here and is going to take you through this handy Beginner's Guide to either ease you into, or ease you back into FPL for the 2016/17 season. So, FPL hasn't quite launched yet, but is expected to launch in the next couple of days and participants are planning their lineups already. Some on notepads, others like Kat Mortensen on whiteboards. That's how much some people are into FPL. Many of us will go through 1000+ changes to our FPL teams before the start of the season and in a strange way, that is a good thing.

Following on from the second paragraph, people are going to agonize over what players to have in your team, such as do you go for Harry Kane or Jamie Vardy with Sergio Aguero or Zlatan Ibrahimovic or will any French, German, Welsh and Portuguese players be rotation risks at the start of the season, Arsene Wenger has already said that he is most likely to rest players at the start of the season, who have participated in Euro 2016 - the latter stages, such a nice guy to us FPL players, isn't he!


Form can be a major factor at the start of the season, asking yourself this question can be the difference between a good opening start to the FPL season and needing to make wholesale changes to your lineup. Will Leicester City continue their form from last season and therefore make Jamie Vardy, Riyad Mahrez and N'Golo Kante major considerations for your FPL side. Also, teams such as West Ham and Southampton, can they start the season off right and make players like Adrian, Angelo Ogbonna, Mark Noble, Enner Valencia, Fraser Forster, Virgil van Dijk, Dusan Tadic and Shane Long all considerations for your FPL side.

Rotation risk:

As many of you know, Euro 2016 is going on at the moment and with the new format of the tournament, many Premier League players are taking part. Many of these players such as Joe Allen, Jose Fonte, Bastien Schweinsteiger and Olivier Giroud have made the latter stages of the competition and as such, will be taking time off after the tournament. This then means, that players will be on holiday for 2-3 weeks after 10th of July and they are most likely to be given time off during the start of the season, so it would be wise to stay cautious about picking up these players.

Moves in the Market:

The Summer Transfer window is officially open for 2016 and some clubs have already begun to make their moves early on. Incoming Chelsea manager, Antonio Conte is starting to put his mark on his new Chelsea squad by bringing in Michy Batshuayi from Marseille. Liverpool have once again went down south to their "personal shop", Southampton to bring in Sadio Mane. Arsenal have made the signing of Granit Xhaka from Germany and Manchester United / City have made the acquisitions of: Eric Bailly, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Henrikh Mkhitaryan, Nolito and Ilkay Gundogan. All these players barring Gundogan (injured), will be in people's thoughts when choosing their FPL sides.


Between now and the start of the season, there are going to be many chops and changes to people's FPL sides and many conversations on blogs, forums and Twitter about each other's FPL sides. If you would like to chat with me about my and your FPL sides, feel free to drop me a tweet to @fplibra. Make sure to read and comment on this article also.

6 comments on "A Beginner’s Guide to FPL 2016/17"

  1. Mario

    haha, true story!
    As I read this part of my mind was already making a starting lineup. :v

  2. fantasyfootballtips

    I expect this will happen time and time again until I have had around 1000 different starting lineups – once that site goes live, life as we know it is over for a month!

  3. mason

    cant wait


    Thanks for that guys, neither can I, I want to get started asap

  5. Raymie

    Gave myself a few rules last season such as not starting with players at new teams and not starting with players who had played in the summer (copa America last summer) . By my final draft for game week 1 the rules went out the window!!

  6. fantasyfootballtips

    Self set rules are a killer aren’t they? Sounds like you have the rules right though so try and stick to that. Remind me of that after my 235th draft of my team.

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