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Following such an impressive four goal haul from Sergio Aguero last week, it is hard to believe that anybody would not have him in their team.  Amazingly, just 22.6% of fantasy football players on Fantasy Premier League have Sergio Aguero in their team!  His cost has just risen to £12.5m so he is not cheap - but he really does look in red hot form at the moment.  So the question we pose is this - is it possible to not have Sergio Aguero in your fantasy football team?

Those of you who had Aguero as captain last week pulled in an impressive 38 points last week from him alone and will see themselves in a great position as they go in to the final week of the month.  If you do not have him in your team, what are the serious fantasy football alternatives?

Diego Costa - £11m - 58.3% Ownership

The man from Spain is a good alternative to Aguero and has only 2 points less than the Argentine as we head in to game week 9, however because he is cheaper he has a much higher percentage of ownership which is going to reduce your differential.  Costa is good, but will Chelsea score as many goals as Man City and the answer is most likely no.  It is unlikely that you can afford both, but if you can you will be on to a winner over the course of the season.  For us, Aguero will score more over the course of the season and will also get more assists.

Pelle - £8.2m - 24.4% Ownership

Pelle was a bit of an unknown quantity in terms of the Premier League but it was always known that he is a great goal scorer and it looks so far like the Premier League is not posing too many problems for the Southampton frontman.  He is on 54 points (the same as Costa) so far this term and at £8.2m he is an absolute snip.  He scored 50 goals in two seasons for Feyenoord and has scored 6 in 8 for Southampton.  With the upcoming fixtures looking favourable for Southampton we would expect the ownership percentage and his cost to increase - so should his points tally!

Berahino - £5.7m - 12.3% Ownership

If we compare Aguero to Berahino we would always go for Aguero (proven form, playing for a team who score more goals etc.) but at this price he is a great alternative if you wanted to invest more in your midfield.  He has 12 points less than Aguero but is less than half the price - not a bad return.  We saw this guy live on Monday at the Hawthorns and he looks a real talent.  A cool head, good movement, an eye for goal and in good form - we want this guy in our team!


Do I need Aguero in my fantasy team?

Some people will tell you that Aguero has to be in - last week of course you were gutted if he wasn't, but what you have to consider is the cost to the rest of your team.  If you had him in from the start and got him for a decent price then obviously you have to keep him, but for £12.5m we would think twice before putting him in the side and the other options of Berahino, Pelle and Costa are pretty darn good.  For game week 9 it has to be Pelle for us.

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