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An Alternative Way To Get Ahead In Fantasy Football

An Alternative Way To Get Ahead In Fantasy Football

Alternative Ways to Get Ahead in Fantasy Football

When choosing our fantasy football team we get our information from a whole range of diverse sources, some tried and tested and some not so. And let’s be honest, a lot of instinct or guesswork goes into it as well. A lot of that information is simply drawn from that bottomless well of footballing knowledge garnered over years of following the beautiful game. All those thousands of hours of watching live games on the box or in the flesh have not been for nothing. Even enduring the fifth show of the day on TalkSport as they desperately try to squeeze the last possible statistic or angle out of that evening’s game is worth it in the end. We carry around with us an ever growing pool of knowledge that if it was on any other subject would almost certainly put us in a position of wealth and power.

There are other sources as well of course, because everyone needs a little help, no matter how knowledgeable we think we are. As well as websites such as this, there are books, newspaper articles, podcasts, even Dave down the Blue Anchor has been known to occasionally come up with a solution to that tricky right side of midfield problem.

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However, there are a couple of places that are perfect for getting incredibly valuable and very accurate information about players and teams, and it is highly likely that until know you have either ignored or completely overlooked them. Let’s take a look.



No matter what we think, the bookies know a lot more about the game than we do. That’s why they win week in week out, while we are left to brag about that one weekend 3 years ago when everything went right and that legendary acca came in. More often than not however the story is about the last minute goal going in at Deepdale to put an end to those dreams of early retirement. Bookmakers have at their disposal a full-time team of experts whose one job is to find out as much information there is about each player and team, to put that information into a computer system that would make NASA jealous, and then have another team of experts poor over the data that comes out. Why on earth wouldn’t you use that information for your benefit?


In future, instead of relying on the toss of a coin or instinct to decide whether to pick Vardy or Kane, simply see who the bookmakers have as favourite to score that week. Likewise, if you are struggling to pick a keeper, see who they have as the most likely to keep a clean sheet. You can do this on a weekly or short term basis, but also at the beginning of the season, or when you’re just about to play your wild card. A quick look down the golden boot odds, is a very good way of choosing that second striker who may have gone under your radar.

Using the vast amount of resources the bookies possess also comes into its own when trying out a league you aren’t as familiar with – or even a league from a different country.  By studying the odds for the coming season, you instantly know the three or four teams that you need to be picking the bulk of your team from. Additionally, it is an ideal place to pick up a bargain in the form of a striker who is relatively high up the table to become the league’s top scorer, yet plies his trade at one of the lower or unfancied teams. Bookmakers have been taking our money for season after season, it’s about time we started taking something back.

Football Forums

They may be the domain of keyboard warriors and trolls, but football forums are also populated by fans who go week in and week out to see their team. They know the strengths and weaknesses of every member of their extended squad. They know that their lumbering number 9 never fails to score against Swansea, and that their usually dependable centre back has an absolute mare against Sturridge every single time. What’s more, there are forums for every single club. They are a fantastic resource to see if someone is likely to play, whether they have picked up a knock, are in good form or if they’re being played in a position that is different to the one they are registered as on the fantasy site. This is a fantastic way to pick up extra points. Having one of your midfielders playing as a second or third striker can make all the difference when it comes to the trophies being handed out in May.




Whatever your fantasy football experience, whether you are a seasoned pro, or a green newbie, you can never have too much information. To take your game to the next level you need to do something different, something that a lot of other players don’t do – something that will set you apart. By using these two methods, by taking the expertise from both paid professionals and dyed-in-the-wool fans of each particular team, you are giving yourself a definite advantage. How you use that advantage of course is down to you and you alone. But that my friends, is the beauty of fantasy football.


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  1. The Doutta Galla Galloper

    When it comes to fantasy football the old adage applies:
    The ox is slow but the earth is patient. In other words don’t go chasing last weeks points, have a little faith and trust your gut instincts. More often than not they are correct. And remember…..form is everything, well 90% anyway.

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