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Captain Picks for FPL Week 32

Captain Picks for FPL Week 32

Many of us will be distracted this week by the Grand National which sets off this afternoon during the football, but while we'll be keeping an eye on it we have bigger things on our mind. This is one of those weeks where due to a perfect storm there are 6 or 7 players right up there in the captain discussion. All six top clubs have favourable games making it a really tough week to get right.

First of all, as for honourable mentions, this is Lukaku's first week outside of the top 3 for a while. This isn't an overreaction to last week but rather based on the fact there are just so many kind fixtures elsewhere, and you can count on him coming back strong in future weeks. Alexis Sanchez also fails to make the top 3 though we think he might be due a big game, due to a tricky away night time fixture.

FPL Week 32 Captain Pick #3

Zlatan Ibrahimovic

Ibrahimovic is the only player playing away from home on our top 3 this week. Some will take issue with our pick, especially when up against Lukaku who's playing Leicester at home, and we understand that. That said, he looked very hungry coming back from his suspension and even if not at home, he's still taking on rock bottom Sunderland. We're pretty damn confident he's going to make it back to back scoring games and feel great aboutgiving hum the number 3 spot.

FPL Week 32 Captain Pick #2

Sergio Aguero Captain Pick

Sergio Agüero

The only thing controversial about this pick is that we didn't make him number one. Playing at home to Hull and after scoring in 3 straight games, his place in the captain mix up is pretty obvious. Could he be #1? Absolutely - and many top tipsters have him there, we just think there's one better option out there this week. All that said, Sergio is absolutely red hot right now and if he is your captain you'll rightly be feeling just fine about it.

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