Best £4.5m FPL Defenders

Best £4.5m FPL Defenders

The Best Cheap FPL Defenders for 2016/17

We have had less than a week to get our heads around who to pick in our Fantasy Premier League team for 2016/17 and with more questions than answers at the moment it would seem that much of the dilemma centres around finding a value for money defensive lineup and one other big question… do you put Aguero in your FPL team?

The most expensive player by a good £1.5m will set you back a cool £13m and with pretty much every single one of the big performers of last season going up considerably in price, the challenge for fantasy football supremacy is as fresh as ever for the new season.

Whether you do or do not put Aguero in your team is an argument for another day and don’t worry, we will be covering it pretty soon. But for now, if we can establish a solid base at the back then we can look to build out from there.

The best cheap defensive options

It is worth noting that your defensive outlay is of course going to be considerably less than other parts of the pitch and rightly so – as your defenders just cannot pick up as many points as midfielders and forwards. Sometimes FPL do get it wrong with positions or a manager will throw a defender in to midfield which always helps – last year’s was Eric Dier – but as it stands there are no such options available in that respect at the moment. So we are left trudging through the murky waters of £4-£4.5m defenders with not too much to get excited about.

If you want your subs to have potential to play then quite simply the £4m options… well… there aren’t any. None at all! We would suggest that you could perhaps afford one £4m defender on your bench and just keep him there for the first half of the season. Beyond that, you will need to stretch to £4.5m for a player that will play and even then there will be risks for the players at better clubs.

With 63 defenders to choose from at £4.5m there are plenty of options – but the key to success in FPL is often these types of decisions so lets assess the best £4.5m defender options.

Jonny Evans - £4.5m – WBA

Any Tony Pulis defender that comes in at this price is going to be a decent shout and there are a few in this price range at West Brom, but we are going to opt for Jonny Evans who had a good European Championships and established himself in the WBA team last season after a rocky start.

With 30 appearances in the Premier League last season he is going to be a popular choice amongst the FPL bargain hunters this season – add to this the fact that the opening 7 games for the Baggies are not too daunting and he could be an ideal cheapy.

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