Who to choose as Captain for Game Week 10

Who to choose as Captain for Game Week 10

The Difficult Fantasy Football Captain Choice…

Mills gives you the low down on his captain choice this weekend:

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The Difficult Captain Choice…

Much has been said about the difficult captain choice for game week 10 this week on twitter and in the fantasy football forum community.  The reason this week we have such a difficult decision on who to captain for fantasy football team x and y is because unusually we have more teams who provide us with valid high points scorers.

You have probably already read our article that puts Southampton in the spotlight and the stand out performer that is Pelle, with Tadic also a good potential captain choice.  Although personally, although I want Pelle in my team this week (due to his current form) I don’t want to captain him this week.  I think others will and I need that differential in my fantasy football mini-league.

So let’s look at the serious alternatives:

Sergio Aguero is probably one of the top players on the agenda of many a fantasy league manager, although we don’t think Manchester United will prove as easy a target as many are predicting.  Although Manchester United’s points haul is no better this season than it was at this point last season, there has been a change of attitude and feeling around Old Trafford, and although they are heading to the Etihad this week, we see a solid if not spectacular performance in the offing.  I would be very surprised if Aguero scores more than two goals and it is unlikely that he will score more than one.  On top of that – if we add that Silva is injured and there is a slight doubt about Yaya Toure then the attacking potential suddenly looks more limited.  1-1 draw is the prediction here. Potential points haul for Aguero – 6 points.

Alexis Sanchez is a real alternative and he finds himself in red hot form being involved in all 4 of Arsenal’s goals in the last 2 games.  Arsenal need to get a good result against Burnley following their last poor home league result against Hull City and will fancy their chances against a Burnley outfit that is short on recent premier league experience.  Sanchez looks like he has really found his feet in the Arsenal side and with pace around him all over the pitch, there will space for him to exploit.  I see Arsenal scoring at least 3 and could see Sanchez with a goal, a clean sheet point, an assist and at least one bonus point easily.  Potential points haul for Sanchez – 12 points.

Danny Welbeck is another Arsenal player who I expect to do well against Burnley and could continue his impressive form.  Although he didn’t score last week and returned a low points score he could get back to winning ways here – I foresee one goal minimum but for me, I would go Sanchez over Welbeck as he has more points scoring potential with the clean sheet and is more likely to influence the game and get bonus points.  Potential points haul for Welbeck– 6 points.

Diego Costa would most likely be in around 70% of teams if he had guaranteed fitness, but it is looking more and more likely that he will play against QPR, although I doubt for the full 90 minutes.  I would expect to see an hour of football from him, but this could be enough to do the damage against a frail QPR defence that will also be missing Rio Ferdinand due to his suspension.  Following Chelsea’s disappointment at Old Trafford last week they will be desperate to return to winning ways and they will do here, with a brace from Diego Costa if he is starting.  The injury concerns me enough for me to shy away as a captain choice for one more week as I don’t want to gamble on a captain.  Potential points haul for Costa – 12 points (risky)

Eden Hazard is another Chelsea player who could pick up plenty of points against QPR, but again I want to see the form before I back him.  He could have a brilliant game, but he could just as easily fall into mediocrity – and no one wants a mediocre captain, so I will stay away for now.  Potential points haul for Hazard – 6 points

Saido Berahino has had a phenomenal start to the season for (no offence intended) a West Brom striker.  I saw him play against Manchester United and is was clear to see from the few touches he had, that he is a talented boy with an extremely cool head – something we saw again last week with the last minute penalty against Crystal Palace.  There is a real differential chance here as WBA take on Leicester and there will be more chances for him than usual.  If he is in the same ruthless form that he has showed recently I could see a two goal haul and three bonus points.  It is a ballsy move for a fantasy league manager to make him captain – but if you want those differentials then this is your chance – a cheap buy too at £5.9m!  Potential points haul for Berahino – 13 points.

Of course there are other players who you could captain, but these would be my top picks this week.   I don’t have them all in my team, but if I had to choose one right now it would probably be Sanchez.  Given that I think others will go the same way though, I will most likely change that to Berahino.  The boy is on fire and I like to start the month on a ballsy shout with differential potential.  So next time you ask me
who should I pick as my fantasy football captain?
You know you are going to get an answer with balls.

Good luck!



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