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Are You A Double Gameweek Whore?

Are You A Double Gameweek Whore?

DGW37: The Difficult Question

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There are many types of managers in Fantasy Premier League. Some are real straight shooters and rarely compromise on their principals. Others are risk takers and will go with more differentials than Raheem Sterling has silly haircuts. Then there are those who are just frivolous with their transfers and happy to take minus point hits almost every week. There are managers who work from spreadsheets and managers who make their selections based purely on gut instinct.

Whichever type of manager you are… you all have one thing in common… and that is to fall victim of the lure of a double game week strumpet.

Okay, so the analogy might be slightly off here but you get the sentiment. A double game week can cause FPL managers to ditch their principles faster than a Premier League chairman would fire a failing manager. The lure of a double home fixture for West Ham or a double game for Man Utd or Liverpool is all many of us need to ditch one of our prized players or take minus points to have the chance of double points glory.

But is this the right play? And should we be so easily led astray when a DGW comes calling?

I myself have even considered dropping Aguero or Kevin De Bruyne this week to allow me to put Eden Hazard in my team. Whilst having Hazard might be a good play between now and the end of the season – is it really possible to drop key players who still have plenty to play for between now and the end of the season?

In the case of Man City, they had a tough fixture in midweek but now only have the Champions League qualification to play for. The fact that Liverpool progressed in the Europa League means they are just one win away from a European title and Champions League qualification which means the likes of Arsenal, Man City and Man Utd will be left to scrap over third place in case the fourth spot becomes irrelevant (which it will if Liverpool win the Europa League).

This means that Man Utd, Man City and Arsenal have more to play for than any other team in the top flight with the exception of those fighting relegation. I would urge anyone to tread carefully before dropping players for these teams in search of DGW glory. Man Utd do of course have their own DGW this week so they look like one of the best options to back. Marcus Rashford and Anthony Martial probably represent the very best chances of success unless you fancy a defensive punt.

Liverpool are the team to drop from as they will put all of their focus in to the Europa League and don’t forget Arsenal finish the season at home to Aston Villa – so you want to keep their best players. The point here is that you should not be blinded by the lure of a double game week as this season is littered with double game week failures. The trick of course is to identify where the real successes will be and minimise the impact of dropping key players… anyone have a crystal ball?

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