Draft Kings UK (Daily Fantasy) – Our Review

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Many players of regular Fantasy Premier League (FPL) have recently become introduced to a new concept, Daily Fantasy Premier League, a new concept for which the main provider is Draft Kings.

Essentially at its core, Draft Kings Fantasy Premier League is a way of playing fantasy but getting a whole new start every game day. Unlike regular fantasy, with Draft Kings you draft a team that'll just take part in one competition and each player will just play that one game for you.

You get $50,000 to draft that team and choosing players based on their specific matches is absolutely crucial.

Your team consists of 7 players (from at least 3 teams) in the following formation:

The team accumulated points for the following acts (if there's no position indicated, then all 7 count):









Types of Draft Kings UK competition:

Although the way in which you select your daily fantasy premier league team never changes, you can enter that team into a whole host of different competitions. Some are very cheap ($1 or less) with huge prizes, and some are many hundreds of dollars and against only one other person. There are a bunch of different formats available, but these are the 2 most popular:

  • Guaranteed Prize Pool  – Simply put, there is a guaranteed minimum prize no matter how few people enter. These are usually the big pool tournaments with big prizes.
  • 50/50  Tournaments – Really simple. A number of people enter (whether it's 10, 50 or 100) and the top half double their money, the bottom half lose - simple!

When you choose to enter into a competition (we chose the $3 competition here), this is the screen you'll be presented with.

As you see, you have the eligible games up at the top, the available players on the left, with their matchup and price, and your lineup on the right.

How safe is Draft Kings? 

We give it the highest possible score for safety. For a start, unlikely shady companies, they have their HQ in Boston, USA and they also have offices in the UK. After recently merging with their biggest competitor (FanDuel) they now have a huge value and over 5 million users.

How's the game play? 

Quite honestly, we found it to be absolutely seamless. Minutes after signing up we had the hang of it and were setting lineups. It was really fun and easy to play.

How's easy is it to win? 

Draft Kings is notoriously difficult to win at on the American sports, and it's well known that there are many excellent players, including some that play professionally. In our experience however, Premier League fantasy is a lot softer. We reckon that this is because it's full of American action junkies that don't really understand football (socerrrrr) very well.