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Introducing Euro 2016 Fantasy League

Introducing Euro 2016 Fantasy League

Introducing our Euro 2016 Fantasy Football Tips

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We have been deliberating long and hard over which Euro 2016 Fantasy Football game to opt for and having assessed the options we have gone with the official UEFA Euro 2016 McDonalds Fantasy Football game.

Not only do they offer a free game with prizes up for grabs, but the format is the most similar to Fantasy Premier League so it makes perfect sense. A budget of €100m is split between a squad of 15 players with a starting 11 being made up of players from a variety of formations.

If we have sold it to you already then you can sign up here and be sure to join our free league - our pay for entry game is coming soon...

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Want a little more info – here is the lowdown…

The Game

The fundamentals of the game are exactly the same as FPL. You have to choose a squad of 15 players based on 2 goalkeepers, 5 defenders, 5 midfielders and 3 forwards. You then select a formation of 11 players and have a captain to pick for each round. You have a budget of €100m to spread across your squad as you see fit. For the group stages you can only choose 3 players from each nation (but this increases to 4 for the round of 16, right up to 8 for the final).

The Points

The points scoring is very similar to FPL and a full round up of the rules can be found here. Some of the ways you can earn points are as follows:

1pt for playing

2pts for playing 60 mins+

Def Goal – 6pts

Mid Goal – 5pts

Fwd Goal – 4pts

Assists – 3pts

Clean Sheet – 4pts (must play 60 mins+)

Conceding a penalty - -1pt

Penalty Miss - -2pts

Yellow Card - -1pt

Red Card - -3pts

3 Saves by keeper – 1pt

Own Goal - -2pts

Penalty Save – 5pts

Earning a penalty – 2pts

Every 2 goals conceded – -1pt

If a player has been sent off they will continue to lose minus points for goals scored against their team.

The Team

The formations available in the Euro Fantasy League game are pretty flexible. You can choose any formation as long as you have a minimum of 3 defenders, 2 midfielders and 1 forward on the pitch. If a player does not play then just like FPL your subs will come on automatically in order of your selection (subject to formation).

The Captain

Your captain scores double points just like in Fantasy Premier League. One glaring difference is the lack of vice captain which means choosing your captain wisely (particularly during the more heavily rotated group games) is vital.

The Subs

Your subs will automatically be brought on at the end of the match day (like a gameweek) if you have a player that hasn’t played. This has to fit in with the formation rules.

The Transfers

Once you have chosen your team you can make unlimited changes until the first deadline. After that you can make one transfer between each matchday during the group stages.

For the round of 16 you have unlimited free transfers, the quarter finals you have 4, the semi-finals you have 6 and the final you also have 6. So you can see, it should keep players engaged by having such a liberal transfer policy. If you wish to make more transfers you can, but you will be deducted 4 points for every transfer you make over your free allocation.

The Deadlines

The deadlines for team submission are as follows:

MD1 – 10th June 9pm

MD2 – 15th June 3pm

MD3 – 19th June 9pm

MD4 – 25th June 3pm

MD5 – 30th June 9pm

MD6 – 6th July 9pm

MD7 – 10th July 9pm

Lets Get Started

We will be bringing you full Fantasy Euro 2016 tips ahead of the games and all the way through the championships so be sure to keep checking back. Our premium members will also get access to our captain tips for each match day as well. You can sign up here to our premium membership from just £2 per month.

We will be launching a separate competition with a paid entry so if you want to be part of this be sure to sign up to our email list below as we will be emailing out the details of that over the next week or so.

Remember – our league code is 09538I9X and you can sign up here.

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