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Euro 2016 Fantasy Strategy

Euro 2016 Fantasy Strategy

Fantasy Euro 2016 Strategy

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As you may be aware, our Fantasy Euro 2016 game of choice is the McDonald’s UEFA Fantasy League platform. The Sun Euro 2016 Dream Team is another option and the rules are not too dissimilar – however for the purposes of this article we are basing this strategy on the McDonald’s version of the game.

We will be looking at our top Euro 2016 player picks for the group stages in our premium members article which will be released during Friday so be sure to check back for that and we will have a few choice selections here for you too.

First though, let’s talk strategy...

Picking your initial squad

Now of course, you will want to pick players from teams that are likely to make it through the group stages but you do have plenty of leeway with this. The group games are where you are going to make the most ground on your opponents as there is a limit of one free transfer between matchdays for the group games – this means a maximum of 2 free transfers until the round of 16.

After the group games there is the opportunity for unlimited transfers so there is plenty of room to repair the damage of players who are injured, underperforming or who have been knocked out of the competition. That being said, the first squad is crucial as if you get it right, your opponents will be chasing you throughout the competition which gives you the upper hand.

Just like in Fantasy Premier League, you will want you squad to have balance and the substitutes will also play an important role the likelihood of some rotation in the early games – particularly for the stronger teams who will be thinking of the longer term success.

The Teams

It is almost more important to look at the teams rather than the players as some world class players might not be the best choice. Gareth Bale is probably the best example of this playing in a Wales team that is unlikely to make it past the last 16. That being said, he will be no rotation concern and will be involved in everything positive that Wales do so you can’t completely discount him.

The teams that look strong and almost dead certs to qualify for the last 16 are:

  • France
  • Germany
  • England
  • Italy
  • Belgium
  • Portugal

Notice that we haven’t included Spain in that which could be controversial but a tough group, doubt over formation and attacking options and a poor result against Georgia will make many managers think twice before loading up on Spanish players.

The Wildcard

The wildcard is a tough one as it can be played at any time during the tournament for unlimited transfers. Now of course you won’t be playing it ahead of the round of the last 16 so that leaves between matches 1 and 2 or ahead of the quarter finals, semis or final.

The times that seem to make the most sense are either after MD1 or ahead of the QF’s. These represent the times when the fewest transfers can be made and when there is still going to be plenty of teams left in the competition. The semi finals is another time if you are looking like you have lost too many players to knockout.

Team Selection

For the first round you can choose a maximum of 3 players per nation in your squad. It makes sense to choose well from the big hitters who look like Germany, France, Belgium and maybe even (dare I say it) England. Ronaldo will be another top pick and Portugal have a very winnable group if he is on his game.

The key players that simply have to be in your team from an attacking point of view are Thomas Muller and Cristiano Ronaldo. Germany look to have a solid spine to their team and some really creative attacking talent in midfield – Muller has the pedigree in big competitions and looks set to have another good tournament. Ronaldo on the other hand is one of the top 3 players in the world and with Portugal having a relatively easy group to contest, he has every chance of being one of the leading scorers in the competition.

Outside Euro 2016 Picks

Some of the traditionally less successful teams have plenty of good players to choose from and it is these teams and players that can bring you the much needed differential points. As we have already stated, Portugal look like a good bet to qualify and Nani looks like a good option in support of Ronaldo and a defensive player would be a good pick.

For Ukraine, the wingers Yarmolenko and Konoplyanka are more than capable of assisting and scoring goals and look set to have a decent tournament. The Italian back line looks like one of the most solid defensive set ups so Chiellini and Berzagli pose themselves as good options, whilst Romania had the best defense in qualifying on being breached twice in 10 games. Number one goalkeeper Tatarusanu could become a very cheap differential option.

For Switzerland, Stoke player Shaqiri looks like the danger man and is set to play further ahead of their other star man Xhaka. Shaqiri finished the season at Stoke in good form and could be a decent prospect for at least the group games.


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