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Fancy the Lamborghini Lifestyle?

Fancy the Lamborghini Lifestyle?

Fancy a chance to win a Lamborghini?

As well as providing you with brilliant Fantasy Premier League tips we are always on the lookout for great football offers and we think we have found one this week that tops the lot!

The worst thing about being an FPL manager is that you don't get to experience that Premier League lifestyle... well... now you can. We have found a great free game that will give you the chance to parade around as if you are a multi-millionaire. Read on for more details.

Ever wanted to own a Lamborghini? Well, now you can!, a UK loan comparison is running a free to enter competition to win the ultimate supercar, a Lamborghini Gallardo! All you have to do to get your hands on this fantastic price is correctly predict the scores of 10 football games this weekend! As an added bonus, if you share your entry you will be allowed any one incorrect entry, so 9 correct predictions! On top of that, there is a £1,000 cash prize, completely free to whoever comes the closest to winning the car each week.

The cash prize is frequently won by people who simply get 4 or 5 of their 10 predictions correct. It has even been won by people with just 3 correct entries if the weekend results have gone a bit weird! The competition runs week in week out until the car is won and the cash prize is also paid out weekly.

win a lamborghini

Win this car - or a lovely chunk of cash!

The game typically runs from Monday until 30 minutes before kick off on Saturday allowing plenty of time to do your research and get your entries in! The competition itself is provably fair with all entries from the current games participants being shared via a downloadable file after the start of the first game. You can see your entry along with everyone elses and see for yourself who is in the running to win the car or the cash prize.

Readies also provide live scoring on match day along with a countdown as to how many players are left in the game so you can see how your own predictions fair in comparison to other peoples.

If you'd like to play along simply go to and submit your entries. Keep in mind that every weekend there are always some upsets, it's down to you to try and spot where they're going to happen! You can read the terms and conditions at and also see some great pictures of the car itself.

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