Fantasy football formation

What are the best Fantasy Football Formations?

This is a question that we hear quite often - what are the best formations to use in fantasy football?  It seems that anyone who is anyone in football and anyone who is no-one has an opinion on what the best formations to use are.  It is a debate that exists in professional football, so it is apt that the debate rages on for us armchair managers and it is partly what makes fantasy football the greatest game on earth!



Fantasy Premier League Options

As you will be aware, is our preferred choice of fantasy football game so we will be focusing on formations for the game type.

There are a few things to take into consideration when you are choosing a formation for your team:


Gameweek Fixtures

The gameweek fixtures will be a key consideration as you will be looking for where you anticipate picking up your points in terms of the fixtures.  If you have defenders who are likely to keep a clean sheet then this is a good option for perhaps playing 4 or even 5 at the back - however, most gameweeks have very few clean sheets for defenders and goal keepers so we would usually advise a maximum of 4 at the back in fantasy football.  The flip side of this is your strike force - of course, if you have spent £12.7m on Aguero, £11m on Balotelli and another £8.4m on Dzeko you are going to want to play all three - but what if Man City are playing against Stoke City or Chelsea - two of the toughest defences in the league!  It is probbably advisable to play just one of the Man City strikers (probably Aguero over Dzeko) and use your defenders - this is always going to be a gamble, but ask yourself - are Man City likely to score more than 2 goals today?  If the answer is no then you can't really justify playing the two strikers.


Strength of your midfield

Your midfield is absolute key in fantasy football. Whilst strikers will get all of the glory, it is your midfield who can pick up the most points when they have a good day.  You should aim to have a minimum of 3 top quality midfielders - we would suggest four with one average midfielder.  You then have the flexibility and can choose to play your top 3, your top 4 or even all 5 if the fixtures look promising for them.  The reason your midfielders are so valuable in fantasy football is that they can pick up points from many game situations - clean sheets, assists, goals and of course bonus points.  Midfielders cannot be punished for leaking goals and are less likely to be sent of than defenders meaning you lose the risk of minus points.  Midfielders will see a lot more of the ball than a striker so they have more opportunity to influence games - something that attracts bonus points.  We always play with four or five in midfield and suggest you do the same.


May the Strike Force be with you!

Your fantasy football strikers will be some of your main points earners and can really make a difference to your fantasy teams fortunes. When it comes to fantasy football formation tips it is vitally important to factor in the financial outlay - of course, if you have spent a fortune on 3 top strikers then you are always going to play 3 up front as the chances are that at least one of them will fire.  But there is a lot to be said for having two top strikers and then a third (cheaper) striker that you can rotate.  For example, those fantasy football players who chose to bring in Danny Wellbeck when he joined Arsenal could have signed him for a sub £7m fee - a snip for a premier league top 4 striker!  This would then give you the flexibility to play him most game weeks, but when Arsenal are up against tougher opposition you can justify dropping him for the game in favour of an extra defender or midfielder.

Most fantasy football geeks would tell you that it is essential to have a 3 pronged attack and whilst on the whole this is a philosophy that we agree with, it is something that should always have a degree of flexibility - and as always with fantasy football - flexibility is the key.


So what formation should I choose in Fantasy Football?






All of these are valid options - and it comes down to where you have spent your money.  For us, it is about analysing where you are most likely going to pick up the points in that specific gameweek.  Look at your players fixtures - sometimes your cheaper players can justify a start if they have an easier fixture - particularly when it is defenders.

Having said all of this - we prefer offensive teams and will usually go for a 3-4-3 or a 3-5-2, with the odd gameweek where clean sheets are predicted going for a 4-4-2.



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