Fantasy Football Tips Podcast 2016/17

Are you fed up of reading about fantasy football tips week after week?  Maybe you have read all there is to read from various fantasy football websites but still can't decide.  Maybe you just need to hear it said in a different way.

Introducing our new podcast team for the 2016/17 season

Some have said that it is the finest Fantasy Premier League podcast in the world, others have gone as far to say that is the best Premier League podcast - whatever your feelings... we are back for the new season with a new and improved lineup of pundits. Lingering questions remain following a tumultuous end to last season with hosts Mills, Quigliano and JP so you will have to tune in for the first episode of the new season to find out who will be tickling your eardrums for the season ahead - we think you will like what we have in store.

Fantasy Premier League Podcast - bigger and better than ever!

We are back and boy do we mean business this year. Not only will you find our FPL podcast here on but you will also find it on our new YouTube channel with all new features for the 2016/17 season.  Compete against the podcast team and win the chance to be interviewed live on the podcast (only if you want to of course).

Check out our fantasy football tips podcast in association with @FPL_TheSource and you will hear ten to twenty minutes of well informed fantasy premier league tips.  Our resident tipster Quigliano finished in the top 0.5% of players last season and knows his stuff - he is assisted by Mills and friends each week in the quest for FPL perfection.

You can find all of our Podcast episodes below and on iTunes.


19 comments on "Fantasy Football Tips Podcast 2016/17"

  1. James Drewery

    Hey Mills, where do I find the podcast extra for this episode?

  2. fantasyfootballtips

    Hi James, unfortunately we had a technical issue and it didn’t record. We have a new episode coming out tonight/tomorrow morning and we will make sure there are no issues this week. It will show up in the articles when you are signed in. Cheers bud.

  3. James Drewery

    Ok brilliant cheers

  4. Ugo Boiardi

    Hi I am a member and am going to the members page to see who is your captain pick this week ,but I keep getting redirected to the register page any ideas thanks

  5. fantasyfootballtips

    Hi Ugo, we have replied to your support email.

  6. Michael P O'Connor

    Hey lads where is the podcast for GW 2 and also I am a premium member can you check this is correct as I am not getting podcast or podcast extra cheers moconnor10

  7. fantasyfootballtips

    Hi Michael – no pod for GW2 – hopefully this will be the only gameweek without a pod.

  8. Weedhatch

    “What a ” is probably what Quigliano heard in the middle of last weeks podcast . I listened to it again to check and heard myself repeating it. Please piss him off again so that he has a strop and disappears.

  9. Brandon

    Please RMT.
    WC team:
    Foster (Jakupovic)
    Daniels; Dann; Baines (Gibson; Evans)
    Hazard; Bolasie; Sterling; Ozil ( Capoué)
    Benteke; Ibrahimovic; Lukaku.

  10. fantasyfootballtips

    Very strong – what about Remy for Benteke? Do you have a plan to bring Aguero back? Midfield looks very good – perhaps Lukaku and Bolasie doubling up is not needed though.

  11. Anas Hossenbaccus

    Bolasie not that good. Overall team is strong

  12. Anas Hossenbaccus

    Hey guys

    My WC team:

    Cech (Japukovic)

    Walker Collins Jagielka (McAuley Amat)
    Hazard Sanchez De Bruyne Antonio Lamela
    Lukaku Benteke (Diomande)

    Whats your opinion guys? Thanks

  13. Anonymous

    Can’t wait until next season, when Rashford becomes my no. 1 striker….what a talented, modest young man !!!!
    (Many congrats on your debut hat-trick !!!)

  14. Anonymous

    Please rate my team and advise is welcome
    WC in play…not a sausage itb

    Foster (Jako)
    Shaw, Davies, Masuaku, (Evans, Kingsley)
    Sterling, Hazard, Sanchez, Coutinho (Capoue)
    Costa, Ibrahimovic (Diomande)

    i have every intention of getting Kun back in by downgrading sanchez to ozil, sterling to ??? and costa out for Kun.

  15. Anonymous

    please rate my team.

    bravo (caballero)

    bellerin, shaw, holgate, mccauley (pieters)

    lamela, de bruyne, hazard (snodgrass, king)

    gray, costa, defoe

    I have 4m cash in the bank

  16. Abdou Abdou

    Hi Guys…it has been 2 games now, season 2017/18 and we haven’t hear from you at all.
    Football is about fun and enjoying the games and fantasy football games every week, and listing to views and opinion of the pundits, money is the last thing we think about for that fantasy football is a hobby for most of members of
    Please let us know what going with your website and prodcasts and season 2017/18…hopefully we hear from you soon 👍

  17. Abdou Abdou

    Quigliano And Mills, you are forgiven may be you have your own excuses to no comment in your websites but in the end of the day, everyone needs an explanation or reason why all those let downs happened.
    Please don’t do Diego Costa behaviour but he explain himself (text), but at least Costa he will be back to tranning this week, I hope you too you will be back this week

  18. Jill

    Can anyone help me cancel my membership?

  19. Philip Price

    This is fraud, I have repeatedly tried to cancel my subscription but the website link doesnt work, I have also sent repeated emails requesting the account be cancelled, and still money is taken from my card. Again please cancel my subscription and refund the monies that you have taken falsely for a service you no longer provide.

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