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fantasy football tips gameweek 34

fantasy football tips gameweek 34

Fantasy Football Tips - Gameweek 34

As gameweek 34 edges ever closer, player values have been increasing daily as Fantasy Premier League managers clamber for the players with the highest points potential. Hopefully, you have already taken action and beaten the price rises and hopefully you have your three Liverpool and three Chelsea players in a bid to take full advantage of what the gameweek 34 gods are offering. If you are yet to make a change, then make sure you check out our gameweek 34 tips and our gameweek 34 captain picks.

If you are like me and you have made your changes, but want to take on an extra double gameweek player then let’s look at the alternatives for gameweek 34 and beyond.

GW34 Double Gameweek:

Leicester City and Hull City are the other two sides with 180 minutes of Premier League action ahead of them this week so assuming you have the full quota of Liverpool and Chelsea players, we will assess the other options.


Hull City Tips

As we discussed on this week’s podcast we all found it pretty hard to offer any tips for Hull City players who have been in free fall. The only option we can see is Alex Bruce at £4.0m as a bargain player. Perhaps, you need to make room for an expensive Chelsea recruit – perhaps chop a £5m+ defender for Bruce. You should see a return of at least 4 points and you never know they might actually keep a clean sheet – don’t bank on it though – Bruce has only secured 47 points all season! You get what you pay for in this game (Harry Kane being the exception).


Leicester City Tips

JP tipped Leicester a couple of months ago and was pretty much laughed out of the studio when he stated they were in form. What he meant was that they were playing well and to be fair to him, they have continued and the form is quite clearly in the bag now with 3 wins from 3. They have two tough games this week with Burnley (away) and Chelsea (home) having plenty to play for at opposite ends of the EPL table. However, they are full of confidence and have the momentum behind them – they have nothing to lose against Chelsea as everyone will expect them to lose so I can see a goal from them in that game with Chelsea pushing forward more than in recent games.

So, who are the star players for Leicester for GW34?


Esteban Cambiasso - £4.8m

When talking about players in form it doesn’t get much better than 22 points in 3 games – especially for a player valued at £4.8m. If that form were to continue we should see a points return of around 14.6 points this week. If only life were that predictable – and with football being even less so, it is a risk – but it is a risk that I like for this week. We said it here first!


Jamie Vardy - £4.6m

Following Ulloa’s goal last week it was a tough pick for GW34 between him and Jamie Vardy, but given the recent run in the team that Vardy has had we see him as a more solid prospect. Nugent looks set to miss at least the first game against Burnley so he should definitely play in that game and we have it on good authority that Vardy will make the Chelsea game as long as he is fit. If we had to choose between Vardy and Cambiasso then we would go for Cambiasso, but if you are looking to drop a striker then he could be the man to opt for.


A final word on Leicester…

These are not just off the cuff fantasy football tips. These tips are valid beyond gameweek 34 with Leicester having some decent fixtures in the final 4 games of the season. Three home games against Newcastle, Southampton and QPR and an away game against hapless Sunderland represent excellent value chance wise so we see Cambiasso as a potential player to keep right until the end of the season – the next question is – who will you spend the money on that you have saved?

Good luck in GW34 and see you on the other side.

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