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Fantasy Premier League – Week 33 Tips

Fantasy Premier League – Week 33 Tips

Fantasy Premier League - Week 33 Tips


This week we're full steam ahead, with all 20 teams in Fantasy Premier action despite Champions League fixtures this week. Unlike last week, when all the top teams seemingly had easy fixtures, it's more a mixed bag this week which will be reflected in our Captain Picks article coming tomorrow.

5 Players You Need This Week

Harry Kane

Coming back for his first full start since injury issues, Kane finds himself with a perfect match up taking on Bournemouth at home. While some will have issues starting such an expensive player when he's just back from injury, we have no such fears and feel he'll get straight back into the scoring action. Before his injury, Kane scored 6 goals in 3 games, and it's pretty hard to think of many reason he wouldn't jump straight back into form. With Kane being such an important player, it's fair to assume that Spurs would not have brought him back without being totally sure he's fully fit.

Sergio Agüero

Last week we said:

"Let's see if we can work out this one: [6, 7, 8, ...]. Yup Agüero is surely due a 9 point game this week following his gradually improving performances."

Well... true to form Agüero chipped in with a 9 point game. Thanks for showing us at or best Sergio! Every week he's just looking better and better, now making it an amazing four games in a row with a goal. Although Southampton away is a tougher game than Hull at home, you'd still fancy him to get on the score sheet.

Romelu Lukaku

Lukaku was another player that proved us right last week (though at #4 he may have been too low on our captain picks). Another 2 goals found their way next to his name on the scoresheet. Of course the biggest issue with Romelu is that with almost 5o% selection you're as likely to be playing against him as not. That aside, even if you're against him it's become pretty crucial to hedge and have him in your lineup too.



Zlatan Ibrahimovic

Oh  Zlatan - you're just too good! 19 points in two games have followed him come back from suspension as he goes out his way to show who the number one striker in the EPL is. As if to show his one goal game when first back wasn't good enough, he doubled down, providing both a goal and an assist away to lowly Sunderland last week. This week the game gets (much) tougher with Chelsea at home. But it's a televised game and you can be absolutely positive Zlatan will be going out of his way to make sure he gets noticed doing what he does back.

Phil Jagielka

We tipped Jagielka to get on the score sheet last week from defence, and he only went and did it at home to Leicester! Jagielka has been on wonderful form recently and as a defender and available £4.7 it's absolutely shocking his selection is so low. After scoring 23 points in his last 2 games we can't guarantee he'll keep those kind of numbers up, but he doesn't need to to be a great pick. Burnley at home awaits him.



3 Bargains of the Week (under £5)

Ben Davies

While perhaps not providing the 8+ point weeks like some others, Davies is the model of consistency, scoring 5 or more points in 5 of his last 8 games from midfield. This week Spurs take on Bournemouth at home which adds a great chance he'll start with the clean sheet score.

Maya Yoshida

Add him to the list of players we killed it with last week. We tipped him when no one else did and he only went and got another 9 points from his £4.4 price tag. His performance was so good he didn't even need an assist or goal to achieve it either. While a home game to City isn't ideal and keeps clean sheet chances low, he should get the stats in other areas to provide value.

Ben Gibson


He's having an absolute dream season, and it doesn't look like slowing down. An 8 point game (without goal or assist) against Burnley was no longer a surprise. This week he takes on Arsenal at home which should be a hard fixture but recent form has shown it just might now be so bad.


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