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Fifa 16 and FPL End of Season

Fifa 16 and FPL End of Season

Fantasy Premier League Tips - 2015/16

With the Fantasy Premier League season over for another year it is a time of reflection and what might have been for so many of us. However, fear not… as Fantasy Premier League 2015/16 is just around the corner and we will be back in early July to look ahead to the new season. The Premier League transfer merry-go-round has already started with Spurs and Liverpool being linked to Danny Ings and that is just the beginning – so there will be plenty to look forward to for next season.

Will we perhaps see Gareth Bale back in the Premier League? Will Di Maria go back to Spain or perhaps Germany? Will Theo Walcott still be an Arsenal player? There are so many questions and not many answers at the moment which is why we are going to be taking a well deserved holiday for the next month.

Having said that, we will be looking to make improvements to our site over the next 6 weeks in preparation for FPL 2015/16 so if you have any suggestions or things that you would like to see included then let us know and we will do our best to implement them.

 A New Fifa 16 Site...

In the meantime, why not take a look at our sister site – – A site dedicated to bringing you the latest news about Fifa 16 and they have a special announcement to make later today (28.5.15) that is coming directly from EA Sports.

Have a great month of June, and we will see you back here in July ready for Pre-Season.

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