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Final Week (38 Captain Picks)!

Final Week (38 Captain Picks)!

Game Week 38 Captain Picks


Let's start with the obvious - fantasy management aside, this is an absolutely massive week in the Premier League for Arsenal and Liverpool who are vying for the ultimate prize of Champions League football. While City are technically able to also drop out, too much needs to happen for it to be truly viable.

On a fantasy perspective now, this week is absolutely huge. We hope you're fighting right at the business end of your league, and if so, this weeks captains pick can be the difference between ultimate glory and coming oh so close. Obviously Arsenal and Liverpool are two teams we looked at very closely as we evaluate which players are likely to come through and which are likely to buckle in crucial game week 38.

On that note, let's take a glance at our top 3 captain picks for this week.

GW38 Captain Pick No. 3: Philippe Coutinho

It was obvious that we had to have one Liverpool player in our list with so much at stake and (helpfully) a home game against Middlesbrough. While anything can happen with so much on the line, we're expecting Liverpool to light it up and score a bunch in this crunch match. Of course one of the issues with picking any Liverpool player is that their points can get thinly spread but with Coutinho being the form player and having score 19 fantasy points in GW 37, he's the obvious choice this week. It will be hard for him to match the two goals and one assist he notched last week, but then again he won't need to to be of immense value and he's likely to dominate Middlesbrough in this home fixture.

GW38 Captain Pick No. 2: Harry Kane

Kane was absolutely sensational in week 37, hitting up an incredible 24 fantasy points with his FOUR goals AND an assist to boot! He deserves all the plaudits he's got this season and it would be hard not to consider him one of the very top strikers in the world right now. He was close to topping out list, but got edged out for various reasons, one of  which is an away fixture. Kane will hope to ice off his sensational season with a goal or two away to Hull City and we're backing him to do so. Expect another double digit week from England's star striker.

If you want to check out our number one captain pick then make sure you are logged in and continue to read below…

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