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FPL 2015 Chips and Tips

FPL 2015 Chips and Tips

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Fantasy Premier League Chips and Tips 2015

Fantasy Premier League 2015 starts back today and does so with an almighty bang and there has already been a host of bloggers trying to unravel an exciting new twist to our favourite FPL game – the introduction of chips.

We tweeted on our twitter page last week that we were expecting to see our beloved fantasy football return this week and we were right, what we didn’t expect was the new FPL chips system – read on to hear our initial thoughts on the chips named ‘Bench Boost’, ‘All Out Attack’, ‘Triple Captain’ and the familiar ‘Wildcard’.

Over the next few days we will also be looking at some of the new players, FPL player prices and potential transfers that you could benefit from if you get them in your teams before they move so keep checking back at fantasy football tips for all the latest info.


The Squad Merry-Go-Round

If you are like me, you will make some early squad selections and then change your team about 1000 times before the 8th August Premier League kick off, but hey… at least it gives us something to do of a weekend when we are missing the usual footy action.

Fantasy Premier League Rules:

The rules for FPL 2015/16 look much unchanged on the surface until it comes to the new chips. The chips that have been introduced can only be used once in a season (with the exception of the Wildcard chip which can be used twice) and they could be a real game changer for players if used wisely. But what do the new FPL chips do?

The new FPL Chips:

All Out Attack Chip – This chip basically allows you to play two defenders, five midfielders and three attackers. A 2-5-3 formation will be great if you have a gameweek where your defensive options are limited or you feel you have big potential for points going forward. A great idea!

Bench Boost Chip – This chip does exactly what you would expect, you get a points boost from your bench – so all of the points in your squad (including your bench players) will be added to your weekly score if you use this chip.

Triple Captain Chip – This is one of the chips that has massive potential if used the right way. Your captain will gain triple points this week instead of double! Imagine an Aguero hat-trick when you use this chip – points galore!

The new chips have to be activated before the next game week starts. So the timing and strategy behind them will be key, but could boost your league position significantly.


When to use your FPL chips?

This will take a little bit more time to sink in to offer a true insight and analysis in to when the best time is to use the new chips in Fantasy Premier League – however our initial thoughts are that the triple captain chip and the bench boost chip will be best to use in the second half of the season when the double gameweeks start to kick in. It is unlikely that there will be many (if any) double gameweeks in the first half of the season so those players keeping their chips under wraps we think will get the most out of them.


First Thoughts on FPL Player Prices:

A few player prices stand out early upon first inspection so here is a quick round up:


Harry Kane (£9.5m):

Harry Kane was a revelation in the Premier League last season and even his most ardent doubters were proved wrong in the end. However, there will still be a big question mark as to whether he can replicate or come close to the same sort of goal scoring form in the 2015/16 Premier League season – and at £9.5m this faith will be tested from the off. We predicted a £9m price tag last week and we were not far off – he will be at Spurs, but we don’t have a lot of faith in them right now based on transfer rumours coming from White Hart Lane. We will avoid Kane and see how the start of the season goes.

Petr Cech (£5.5m):

Many people are predicting that the arrival of Cech at Arsenal could gain them as many as 6-9 extra points next season and a price tag of £5.5m for a guaranteed starter in a top 3 team is almost a no-brainer. We expect the ex-Chelsea stopper to be in high demand and rightly so. He will be the first name on our team sheet.

Raheem Sterling (£9.0m)

Whatever your personal thoughts on Raheem Sterling and how he has conducted himself during the off-season is irrelevant really. What matters is what he does on the pitch and that cannot be questioned too much for last season. With his impending move to Man City which we fully expect to be completed before the end of pre-season you could potentially get him in your team alongside another 3 Man City players before his move happens. Sterling with a hungry Aguero to feed could be an assist machine – scary thoughts!

The top two from 2014/15:

Two players who most FPL stalwarts will say simply have to be in your team will be the top two from last season, Eden Hazard and Sergio Aguero. A combined value of £24.5m will test your mettle but we think it is money well spent and these will be players number 2 and 3 on our team sheet. We always say that you have to act on form and at the moment we are acting on last seasons form – you simply can’t look past these two.

We will have plenty of tips and strategies coming up for the new FPL season over the next few weeks so make sure you subscribe to our email and keep checking back.


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