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FPL Gameweek 13 to 20 Festive Preparation

FPL Gameweek 13 to 20 Festive Preparation

Preparing your fantasy premier league team for Gameweek 13 - 20

It is that time of year when up and down the land you hear men cry ‘why is that bloody heating set to 25 degrees?’, ‘you’ve left the bleedin’ upstairs light on again woman’ and other misogynistic statements that might be better placed in a Christmas special of the Royale Family.  To top it all, most of my family members will be saying that the essential Saturday night viewing is limited to just X-Factor and Strictly Come Dancing – something to which I am pretty sure myself and Mr Lineker would disagree with.

It’s not surprising that those money saving cries are heard when we have to save our pennies to pay for ever increasing Sky Sports subscriptions but that is an argument for another day… to be fair, Christmas is one time of year when that shiny black Sky box is worth its weight in gold as the premier league action comes in thick and fast – and so to business…


EPL Fantasy Tips – Preparing for the busy Christmas Schedule

There is a reason that Premier League managers harp on about ‘being in the mix’ at Christmas and that is because it is one of the busiest times of the Premier League calendar.  December holds no less than 5 huge gameweeks with another gameweek on the 1st Januray 2015.  December also marks the half way point of the EPL Fantasy Football season so it serves as a good measure of things to come.

As you know, if you want to win fantasy premier league (check our ‘how to win fantasy football’ guide here) you need to have a forward thinking strategy, and this is even more important going into the Christmas fantasy football fixtures than it usually is because squad rotation is likely to be on the agenda of those Premier League teams with greater squad depth.


Key Premier League Christmas Fixtures

You may be thinking, ‘Hell, it’s only November.  Why do I need to be thinking about Christmas already?’ Whilst that attitude might wash with the nagging significant other in your life who wants to complete the Christmas shopping before the start of advent, it really won’t do when it comes to your fantasy football management career – if you are serious about winning fantasy premier league or your mini-league then you need to be looking ahead, all of the time.

The absolute key gameweeks in EPL Fantasy League as we head into December are gameweek 18 which is on the 26th December and gameweek 19 which is on the 28th December – just two days apart.  Expect some changes from the top teams over these Christmas Premier League fixtures.  It is also at this time that there are some very favourable fixtures for Manchester City, in fact from Gameweek 16 to Gameweek 20 the Champions take on :

Leicester (a)

Crystal Palace (h)

West Brom (a)

Burnley (h)

Sunderland (h)


These fixtures are bookended by games against Everton.  Now, with the exception of a fit Sergio Aguero and Vincent Kompany it would be hard to predict any other Manchester City players that would definitely start the West Brom game and the Burnley game (2 days apart) – so for me I would be looking at having Aguero in my team throughout December and only Aguero from Manchester City after gameweek 17.


We often talk about differential potential and I expect this to be even more of a decisive factor as we head into the festive period – however if we look at the fixtures slightly earlier and look at gameweek 13 to gameweek 18 I would fancy my chances with a QPR player – so this would be a player to bring in after gameweek 12.


The inform player at the moment has to be Charlie Austin who is still valued at just £5.8m with fantasy premier league managers still not jumping on the bandwagon with only 2.9% ownership.  Austin has massive differential potential when you look at the fixtures from GW 13 – GW 18.  Here are my thoughts on each game:


FPL GW 13 – vs. Leicester (h)

A home game against a leaky defence and a team who last season were their main rivals in the Championship.  I expect goals in this game and Austin has the potential for at least one goal here.


FPL GW 14 – vs. Swansea (a)

Not the easiest of tasks to take on Swansea away but they have also been leaking goals.  I wouldn’t necessarily predict a win for QPR, but I would predict a goal or two.  Another good chance for your cheap FPL striker.


FPL GW 15 – vs. Burnley (h)

Another of their Championship rivals from last season and another in which they can score a goal or two.  Although Burnley have looked quite solid at the back this season, they themselves will see this as a game they need to win, which could leave space for Austin to expose as they leave more gaps at the back.


FPL GW 16 – vs. Everton (a)

This is the toughest fixture that QPR will face in this spell but I wouldn’t mind having Austin on the bench for one of these games – there may be the need for squad rotation by this time anyway.  Having said that, Everton have not been the same defensively solid team that they were last season and if QPR amass a good run of form heading into this game… well… stranger things have happened!


FPL GW 17 – vs. West Brom (h)

West Brom have had a funny old season, whilst they don’t look like the Premier League whipping boys of old, they are certainly nowhere near a solid proposition – especially away from home.  Another good chance for Austin to bag a goal and the all important FPL points.


FPL GW 18 – vs. Arsenal (a)

I toyed with leaving out gameweek 18 but I think this will very much depend on QPR’s position in the Premier League table.  This game takes place on Boxing Day and quite often we see an upset in games like this, where the bigger clubs afford their players a rest, whilst the teams scrapping at the bottom of the league for premier league survival will train on Christmas Day and earn a big result against the turkey stuffed big boys.  Arsenal have not looked solid at the back with plenty of late goals conceded to lose winning positions and this is not a gimme by any means.


should i put charlie austin in my fantasy football team

Charlie Austin has been in cracking form of late



Don’t forget that FPL January wildcard is coming

You do not need to be worrying too much about your long term strategy for January as you will of course be granted another wildcard.  Now many people will be asking, ‘when should I use my January wildcard in fantasy premier league?’  My answer to that is… when you need to.  If you get to the start of January and you have concerns then use it, but we will cross that bridge when we come to it.  The absolute focus right now is preparing for the December FPL fixtures and getting through them with our players playing and giving us maximum scoring potential.


Our early top tips for Fantasy Premier League December

Yes, it is early – and nobody likes to spoil a Christmas surprise, but here are my top early picks for December:

Charlie Austin (QPR) – As if I haven’t said enough – here’s a recap:

Cheap Striker
Excellent differential potential
Good fixtures
In form

Sergio Aguero (Man City) – I am starting to get bored of saying some of these:

Very good fixtures
Proven track record
Almost the only Man City guaranteed starter

Nacer Chadli (Spurs) – We have not touched on this one for a while:

Still reasonable price at £6.7m (average price)
Some good fixtures in December
Plays high up the pitch for Spurs
Currently 2nd best midfielder in FPL with 64 points


If you do nothing else after reading this article, just make sure you are keeping Christmas in the back of your mind – it will be here before you know it and you need to be prepared.  Remember, Christmas is not about the presents, it’s about the points.

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