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FPL GW15 Captain Choice – Midfielder or Striker?

FPL GW15 Captain Choice – Midfielder or Striker? Will Alexis Sanchez continue his fine run of form?

FPL Midfielder Captain Conundrum:

There is a certain feel of familiarity about December when it comes to Fantasy Premier League, and it is one that most managers enjoy with a sense of warm and fluffy fondness, and whilst most FPL managers seem to be in agreement over the essential inclusion of Sergio Aguero on each gameweek team sheet – there is not the same unanimous decisiveness when it comes to the midfield options at our disposal.

Part of the problem with picking midfielders is of course the fact that there are a lot more to choose from than strikers – given that most Premier League teams field five midfielders and just one striker this is not surprising but still leaves us no closer to knowing who we should include in our sides.  The other issue is also to do with cost – given that the top 3 midfielders (points wise on 5.12.14) will cost you a combined total of £31.1m it is a luxury that most teams cannot afford if they still want to achieve a sense of squad balance.

The phrase that ‘form is key’ in Fantasy Premier League is one that most successful managers often refer to and it is a mantra that will serve most of us well, however we also need to make sure that we catch the wave at the right time and not at the crest just before it starts to trough – without being psychic all we have to arm us with this foresight is careful fixture planning and analysis of previous statistics.  Whether it is Hazard and Fabregas for Chelsea or Sanchez for Arsenal I thought I might take a punt at predicting their potential Fantasy Premier League points haulage for December – given that we still have another five gameweeks this is no easy task.


Best FPL Midfield Options:

Alexis Sanchez - £11.1m – Arsenal

With the array of midfield talent at Arsene Wenger’s disposal a few eyebrows were raised when he signed Sanchez from Barcelona in the summer – but the immediate impact that he has made at the Emirates is highlighted by the 93 points that he has accumulated in 14 game weeks.  Sanchez is fast becoming the Aguero of midfielders, perhaps the new Yaya Toure… so the question is
Do I need Alexis Sanczhez in my FPL team?
This is a tough one as there is no denying the energy, passion and talent that he has brought to both Arsenal and the EPL this season, but remember Ozil when he first arrived – and then the slump… as I said catching a wave on the up or once it collapses.  Having said that, at the moment there is no reason why Sanchez can’t ride this wave for some time to come and he visibly gives his team a lift from the first to the last minute of each game.

For me, he is a must pick – he will score goals, grab assists and get the odd clean sheet bonus too.  He is a pivotal player, he will score more goals than Toure, Fabregas and Hazard as Arsenal don’t have a Diego Costa or Sergio Aguero meaning their reliance on him is greater.


Cesc Fabregas - £9.8m - Chelsea

Cesc Fabregas has certainly proved this season that he is just as potent in terms of assists as he was when he was at Barcelona and Arsenal and this is a feature of his game that will undoubtedly continue to score him points.  There is a slight question mark over how deep he is currently playing when compared to the likes of Oscar and Hazard so expect a lot of his assists to come from longer balls or corners and free kicks.  Heading into gameweek 15 he has 1 point less than Hazard, but he also has a suspension looming if he is to pick up another yellow card.  Whilst playing in this deeper role alongside Matic it is likely that he will indeed pick up the suspension at some point – something that could be all important given the amount of games this month.  For me – you need to have either Cesc, Hazard or Oscar in your team.  Fabregas will not usually be captain material as he is more consistent than spectacular.


Eden Hazard - £10.2m – Chelsea

Hazard has started to find his form this season after a slight world cup hangover where he failed to sparkle, but just as Chelsea have, he too has now settled into his rhythm and is cruising points wise with 35 points in his last 5 games.  If you pick the right gameweek then Hazard does have good captain potential and as Quigliano always says, he likes to bully the lesser teams – something we have seen in evidence recently.  Hazards price is on the rise so now could be the time to jump on this attacking midfielder and if you are concerned about the upcoming Fabregas potential suspension then this would be a sensible swap.


Angel Di Maria - £9.6m – Man Utd

Angel Di Maria’s price has plummeted this week by £0.4m following his hamstring injury and a mass cull by over 400,000 FPL managers.  He will not feature for at least the next two gameweeks so he needs to stay out for now.  If you sold him at around £10m look to pick him back up when he returns to around 75% fitness.  When he is fit, he is a top player to have, especially with United starting to hit some better form.


FPL Points Predictions for December:


Di Maria

Gameweek 15
Newcastle (a)3 pts
Stoke (a)5 pts
Newcastle (a)3 pts
Southampton (a)0 pts

Gameweek 16
Hull (h)10 pts
Newcastle (h)10 pts
Hull (h)7 pts
Liverpool (h)0 pts

Gameweek 17
Stoke (a)3 pts
Liverpool (a)3 pts
Stoke (a)3 pts
Aston Villa (a)1 pt

Gameweek 18
West Ham (h)9 pts
QPR (h)13 pts
West Ham (h)6 pts
Newcastle (h)7 pts

Gameweek 19
Southampton (a)3 pts
West Ham (h)8 pts
Southampton (a)3 pts
Spurs (a)6 pts

28 pts
39 pts
21 pts
14 pts


Who should I Captain – Midfielder or Striker?

Part of the Midfielder conundrum is making that decision of who to captain.  Hazard vs. Sanzhez for captain will be a commonly asked question as will Fabregas vs. Sterling.  Is it ever really viable to choose a midfielder?

I have had much success on both fronts in the past, just as I have had many woeful captain decisions that have left me watching the entirety of Post Saturday 3pm kick off’s hiding behind a cushion after my captain drew a blank and Aguero runs riot in the evening kick off!  But leaving my own personal nightmares to one side it is of course a decision to be made based on the gameweek fixtures.  There are no easy answers in FPL after all!

We will review these in January - who knows we might get one or two right... either way I think I know who I will playing as captain in certain gameweeks.  We would love your feedback - so leave some comments below with your own predictions each week.

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