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FPL New Years Resolutions

FPL New Years Resolutions

FPL New Year's Resolutions for 2016

As we are just a few hours in to 2016 and with half of the Premier League fixtures still to play, we thought it would be a good time to look at some potential New Year's resolutions that could lead you to Fantasy Premier League success this year. On the game week 20 podcast Quigliano, JP and myself all decided on a resolution that we would try and maintain through they year. The trouble with resolutions is that they are a little like choosing a classic car, it's quite fun finding one - but it's a pain in the ass to maintain.

Nevertheless, this is what we came up with.

It Pays to Watch the Price

JP decided for his resolution that he needed to pay a little more attention to the price changes that take place in FPL. He said that he will often transfer a player out of his team without looking at their current value versus the price he actually paid for them, often resulting in a loss if he ever wanted to buy them back in the future.

The History Boy

For Quigliano's resolution he was concerned that he has spent too much time focusing on players that have performed historically well rather than going with the form players of the season. He vows to attempt to have more of a blend of historically strong 'top 4 club' players but also to get in on players who are in form from the lesser clubs - a tactic that has seen managers fare well this season.

Mystic Mills

My FPL resolution is to stop trying to predict the downfall of players who are currently in form. An example of this is Romelu Lukaku who is currently in top form for Everton who are about to go on a tough run of fixtures - the 2015 Mills would be dropping Lukaku and in turn losing 50% of the value added on his price tag and losing a player who is in form for the sake of a few tough games. I will also try and stop referring to myself in third person but that is a personal one for the enigmatic Mills - arghh... failed already!

game week 20 picks

Mills gazing in to his crystal ball

Taking a hit

Are you a player who loves to make a double transfer even when you don't have the free transfer to do so? Do you regularly take a -4 or -8 points hit? If you took a -4 every week then that would cost you 152 points over the course of the season, sure there are the odd occasions where a -4 can be justified but you are in the realms of crystal ball gazing if you are doing this on a regular basis - if you have no faith in your team then it can't be that good, or perhaps this should be your resolution?

What are your resolutions?

Using the comments box below I'd love to hear your New Year's FPL resolutions. I want you to search deep in to your Fantasy Premier League soul and consider what you can do to improve. Write it down for all to see and not only will you be more likely to stick to it, but you might also inspire others to be better themselves - I know I could do with some good FPL karma and by helping others you might get some yourself.

The best comments will feature in the updated article later today.

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