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FPL Players to Avoid

FPL Players to Avoid

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Players to avoid in Fantasy Premier League

There are those players who are great in real life but their performances don’t always translate well in to Fantasy Premier League points. To be perfectly honest, if a player doesn’t get many clean sheets (defenders), assists or goals then why on earth would you want them in your teams? There are also those players who have potential to do the above – e.g. clean sheets, assists and goals but just don’t get the game time to do so. We are going to take a look at those FPL players that you need to avoid.


The Fabian Delph Player – Technically good but doesn’t get the points

So Fabian Delph’s name was splashed all over the tabloids, internet and twitter on Friday as his move to Man City was confirmed just one week after he told us that he was staying put at Aston Villa. Since then he has been likened to a snake and probably some things that are a lot worse – but we are not interested in his morals – we are interested in his points potential.

Fabian Delph £5.5m – AVOID

fabian delph snake picture

Delph enjoyed 2,433 minutes of game time in 2014/15 which is something that simply will not happen now he is at Man City. The move is political to an extent as he is another English Player and Man City have a quota to fill and he must know that he is going to be a back up squad player at best given his apparent indecision over the move.

At £5.5m, Delph is not a luxury we can afford in our teams and given that last season he scored a miserly 69 points scoring no goals and having 4 assists (he also only had 1 bonus point all season) we cannot see this improving this season. Remember Scott Sinclair? Remember Jack Rodwell? Soon, we will be saying ‘remember Fabian Delph’ – Very simply – AVOID!!!

Morgan Schneiderlin £5.5m – AVOID

At the price of £5.5m you might be tempted to put Schneiderlin in your team and this is certainly not the level of avoidance of Fabian Delph… but… do not be persuaded to pick him based on his pre-season debut goal as this will not be a regular occurrence. The big difference here is that he will play, but he will be playing deep and have mainly defensive duties. Even at The Saints last season he only gained 90 points and he was one of their best players.

You would be better suited to putting a player at a so called ‘lesser club’ who is attacking like a Wilfried Zaha at Crystal Palace than opt for Schneiderlin or for £0.5m more a player like Matt Ritchie at Bournemouth who has massive points potential if adapting to the Premier League which we expect him to.

Nemanja Matic (£5m) and Francis Coquelin (£4.5m) – AVOID

This is fairly simple stuff but we have to cater to all levels of FPL manager and given that over 5% of players currently have Matic in their teams it clearly needs to be said. These are classic examples of players who do a brilliant job for their teams but will never get you the relative points for your team. They are almost defenders in the positions that they play and although Matic scored 90 points last season which was double that of Coquelin, he over performed in terms of goals and this is highly unlikely to happen again. Although these players are tempting as a squad filler, they are going to be picking up 2-3 points per game, almost every single week! There are better options for the same price.


The Radamel Falcao – Quality Players who haven’t adapted

From last season we saw some real quality players who just didn’t take to the playing style of the Premier League. Here are some players who you need to be wary of this season:

Angel Di Maria £8.5m

Di Maria actually made quite an impressive start to the last campaign but then massively petered out and we have not seen enough to be tempted by the relatively cheap price tag. Other concerns include a potential transfer away from Old Trafford to PSG and fitness concerns as he played all the way to the end of the Copa America and has not yet featured in Pre-Season.

Radamel Falcao £7.5m

The price tag will tempt some FPL managers and if there is an injury to Costa he could become a big player. However, he really did not settle last season and although in theory he should be suited to the Premier League, for some players it appears to be more a psychological issue than a physical one. If anyone can get him firing then you would think it would be Mourinho… or could this be another Fernando Torres all over again. Even if he starts scoring, it is unlikely that he will feature in more than 50% of games and we need more than this for a £7.5m player.

Loic Remy is the other Chelsea player to keep an eye on with talk of a move to Crystal Palace in the offing which would reunite him with Yohan Cabaye – if this happens then Remy would be straight in our team (if we can afford him).

Roberto Firmino £8.5m

Firmino may well be a sensation for Liverpool this season and he may even play up front for them. However, we will want to keep a close eye on his performances in some of those tough early away fixtures that they have to see if he has what it takes. We will learn a lot in the Stoke game which is gameweek 1. Prior to this, he is too much of a gamble and you would expect it to take time for him to settle. Also, Liverpool have had a fairly high level of change to their midfield so it stands to reason that it will take time for them all to click.

We will be avoiding Firmino for the first week at least.


Who are your tips to avoid and why? Disagree with what we say? Then let us know in the comments below.


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  1. Ousman Touray

    i totally agree with this. I have been playing fantasy football for quite a while now and i came to learn that some players (especially the Destroyers) may be good on the pitch/technically but they do not earn you a lot of points due to their roles on the pitch.

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