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Free FPL help

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Introducing Free FPL Team Help

How many drafts have you made of your Fantasy Premier League so far? 3, 4, 10, 1000? It is a familiar story every season and with so many options out there it is hard to make the right decisions. Perhaps you have your squad sorted but are just unsure over a position or two… or perhaps you have gone completely back to the drawing board and need a fresh mind to look at it.

That is where come in…

For free, absolutely zero cost… we are offering to give you personal advice on your FPL team selection. We have already had a few people asking us on Twitter but we are limited to 160 characters to reply, which is only just about enough to say “drop Radamel Falcao as he is not a guaranteed starter week in week out”.

We have seen some great teams already and we have seen some really imbalanced teams too.

All you have to do to get this free Fantasy Premier League advice is drop your question in the comments box below. We will then get one of our experts to take a look and give you some personalised advice on what changes to make or what to consider.

We will be putting our second draft team up later this week where we will be removing Aguero due to lack of pre-season training and we don’t expect to see him for a while – check out article on Aguero and Sanchez’s fitness here.

Get Your Free Fantasy Premier League Help Now:

So… what are you waiting for… fire your questions in the comments box below...

And don’t forget to join our FPL league – the code is 57114-16422.


114 comments on "Free FPL help"

  1. The Source

    You can also upload your team images for us to look at using the image button…

  2. Daniel Ingham

    looking to replace rooney with aguero after GW3. thoughts?

  3. Mills

    Definitely get Aguero in for GW4, perhaps sacrifice Toure for someone cheaper and plan to have 2 free transfers ready so you don’t take the minus points.

  4. Mick o Connor

    Can you rate my squad guys cheers

  5. Mick o Connor

    This is a better picture

  6. Viel Samuel

    Any advice for my team? Thanks
    Gk: schmeichel, hamer (will probably transfer schmeichel after his easy fixtures)
    Def: mertesacker, shaw, Cedric, muniesa, baker
    Mid: hazard, sterling, depay, ozil, Walters
    Fwd: Rooney, pelle, agbonlhor (not really sure about agbonlhor yet)

  7. The Source

    Not bad Mick, although with the goalkeeper approach you might be better served with Courtois in goal and a £4m backup if you want to spend £8.5m (check our goalkeeper article). Not convinced Mertesacker will play every week this year with Champs League etc. as they have plenty of defensive options – perhaps Darmian at Utd or Clyne at Liverpool?

    Think Redmond is not a great option for £5.5m – read our article from today for picks there. I’d keep the front line as it is (maybe Defoe for Deeney but could pay off so not much doing there. I would definitely swap out Milner for someone like Depay or Ozil/Cazorla using your £1.5m in the bank.

    Hope that helps.

  8. The Source

    If your’e going to transfer Schmeichel then don’t put him in to start – maybe Butland in goal instead? Read my comments for Mick regarding Mertesacker and I prefer Darmian to Shaw. Midfield looks very strong and I like your front line except for Agbonlahor… perhaps Defoe or Calum Wilson/Troy Deeney?

  9. Mick o Connor

    I have benteke and not gabby agbonlahor

  10. Viel Samuel

    What do you think about Alberto Moreno instead of Clyne? He scored two goals as well and in fewer games. Seems like a good young talent.

  11. Viel Samuel

    What do you think about Alberto Moreno instead of Clyne? He scored two goals as well and in fewer games. Seems like a good young talent.

  12. fantasyfootballtips

    That was to Viel not you Mick. Hope you read my reply to you.

  13. The Source

    Moreno didn’t really do a great deal last season. He is good but sometimes gets rested too. With Clyne in there I think he will play more. I still think I would chance Darmian at Utd too.

  14. PAT

    Need help!!! Some questions when build team:
    1. Best combo GK 4.5m ?
    2. Top 5 DEF 4.5 m?
    3. Top MID 4.5m?
    4. Top 5 bargain?

  15. The Source

    Hi Pat, we are in the process of writing an article on the top 5 bargain players so watch out for that. In the meantime, check out our top 3 players you never thought of article and our goalkeeper articles – they should answer your questions. Top 5 defenders at £4.5m? That’s tough… are you trying to save money all over the pitch? You must be spending it somewhere!

    I will go with two top £4.5m defenders for you in Micah Richards at Aston Villa and Joel Ward at Crystal Palace. You are not going to get a top midfielder for £4.5m – if you need someone to fill a position and use on bench then Wanyama is as good as anyone else. Personally, I’d try and stretch to £5.5m and bring in a Tom Cleverley (Everton) or Jack Colback at Newcastle.

    Hope that helps

  16. Ademola Olaniun

    Hi, is Micah seems nailed to start. What do you – Oshea (Sunderland) instead of Ward? I’m about finalizing my defence too and I just need a bench defender valued at £4.0m that is at least 80% regular. Any suggestions? Baker (Villa) is currently the player fill that position but I already have Micah and don’t want to double up at the back.

  17. Ademola Olaniun

    I have both Schmeichel and Butland but I’m starting Schmeichel for GW1, he seems to have a fairer match than Butland, I intend rotating them anyway.

  18. The Source

    O’Shea looks fairly solid but they also have brought in Kaboul who could be another good option for £4.5m. Can’t get much for £4m I’m afraid Ademola so Baker is as good an option as anyone else.

  19. The Source

    Personally I don’t like to rotate my keepers and think you can invest the money more wisely. Butland and Given are my options – check the goalkeeper article for more info.

  20. Ben naxon

    How’s my team?

  21. The Source

    On the whole I like the team… I take it you are going for a GK rotation system. I’d be playing Ritchie ahead of Walters in the first few weeks and then maybe reassess if he doesn’t adapt to the Premier League quickly. Potentially drop Pelle for Benteke or Giroud if you can find the funds by maybe saving money on Walters. I think £6m is too pricey for him and you don’t want £6m sat on the bench either. If you wanted squad depth then maybe go for Cleverley or another £5.5m midfielder to allow you to bring in Ritchie. The team has good balance but you need a plan to bring Aguero back when he is fit – which may mean sacrificing Hazard! I found it hard to write those words!

  22. PAT

    Thank u!

  23. Si Mitchell


  24. The Source

    Hi Si

    On the whole I really like this team, it has a good balance in all areas of the pitch. I do think you can save some money in key areas though to plough in to one more quality player. I think Lescott is a liability at £5m and you should opt for either a £5.5m player (perhaps drop Pantilimon for a £4.5m keeper) such as Clyne or Darmian or just go for a cheaper defender and stick him on the bench and go for a back 3 of Azpi, Koscielny and Richards. I don’t think I agree with Ulloa up front and would prefer a Jermaine Defoe or perhaps Bamford at Palace. Walcott has the potential to be brilliant this season but be careful as he may not be a guaranteed starter and Cazorla or Ozil may be a safer option.

    Tough one as your team is good and I think offers good differential to what others will have. I think you need to consider your formation – I assume you are looking at 3-4-3

    If you can facilitate the savings I am suggesting you may be able to swap Henderson for Depay which I think will pay off big time this season.


  25. Si Mitchell

    The reason i chose Pantilimon is because last season Sunderland conceded the 2nd most shots on goal which ties in nicely with the new keeper saves bonus point allocation. (Keepers now get 2 bpa per save opposed to 1 bpa last season.)

    Thank you for your pointers i’m going to take them into consideration. Will post revisions when im done.

  26. Si Mitchell

    No doubt this will get changed before the start of the season i like it.

  27. The Source

    Good work – look forward to seeing the finished article – Still not convinced Panti is the best option long term but Sunderland should be more solid this term. Team looks good and should you wish to bring Aguero in late August then you should be able to – make sure you save the extra free transfer.

  28. Ben Naxon

    Updated team. What do you think of a swap of azpelicuta for kocileny? Also, I still have 1.5m in the bank so should I spend that on something now or save it for the augero transfer?

  29. The Source

    Looking good. You need to keep Azpi as you need at least one lot of defensive points coming from Chelsea. I’d use the extra cash on upgrading Ritchie for now to Henderson, then be ready to swap out Rooney after GW3 for Aguero and swap out Henderson for a cheap mid to get Aguero in your team. You will just need to make sure that you don’t make a transfer in GW2 to facilitate the double transfer for in GW3.

    Would love your feedback on the podcast – have you heard it yet? You can listen on this site or check out our youtube channel here

  30. Ben Naxon

    I’ll defiantly check it out, thanks for the help.

  31. nikesh nihar

    How is the team.

  32. The Source

    Looks good, I take you will be playing 3-4-3 most weeks with Clyne, Azpi and Cedric as your main back 3. I would be prepared to swap Wilson out if he doesn’t score in first 2 or 3 games. I would probably go Henderson over Milner just for penalties – he is also captain and more likely to guarantee a start every game. The other option is to drop Milner for Ibe and then spend £7.5m on an attacker instead of Wilson.

  33. nikesh nihar

    Thanks for the advice. Other question is that will ibe start in every game and will defoe over wilson be a good swap?

  34. nikesh nihar

    Thanks for the advice. My other question is that wether ibe will start in every match and wether defoe over Wilson be a good swap?

  35. Luke


  36. The Source

    Ibe won’t be starting every game but we think he will start around half… not bad for £5m. Check our Liverpool article for more details. We prefer Defoe in all honesty.

  37. The Source

    Hi Luke

    Think you have a bit of work to do here. The forward line is not strong enough and you have invested too much in goalkeepers in our opinion. Check out goalkeeper article. If you resolve that you will have more funds to put in to midfield and upgrade Chadli. Benteke will score more goals than Pelle this year in our opinion. History points to it.

  38. nikesh nihar

    Thanks for the help. I saw that hamer is going on loan to Nottingham forest. I have bought hennesky of crystal palace. Is he good enough or there are any other good perspective at 4m?

  39. The Source

    If you want one that plays it needs to be £4.5m really.

  40. Luke

    Thanks, will have a bit of a rethink. Still some time before the deadline for some tweaks!


  41. Luke

    OK rejigged. Feeling better about this one now.

    LOVE the podcast by the way

  42. The Source

    Cheers Luke, glad you like it – we are still growing and have some really exciting things planned for this season!

    Team looks really solid – Would be interested to see if you are planning on 3-4-3 or 3-5-2 for the first game. Costa captain?

  43. nikesh nihar

    Hiii need some help again. As for the main gk shud i keep Courtois or go for Peter cech?

  44. Lachie

    Hey guys, what do you think”? Aguero will be captain over Memphis

  45. Lachie

    Hey guys, have also tweeted this but here it is if easier. Ideally i’d like to cut 2m to get Aguero for Giroud in round 4. Thoughts?

  46. The Source

    Courtois is probably going to be the more solid option, but having said that Arsenal have been more solid in pre-season as opposed to Chelsea. But we all know how Mourinho likes to play and Courtois has a good chance of getting more points as he will get clean sheets against the bigger teams.

  47. The Source

    Hi Lachie, cheers… got your tweet and tweeted you back but it’s easier on here as not limited to 160 characters. You have a lot of money tied up in midfield which is fine, but I would say Mason and Mahrez are costing you money that you are probably not going to use week in week out… who ever is on you bench ideally won’t be costing you £5.5m (remember bench boost can only be used once!). If you are going to keep Rooney then you will probably have to forsake Hazard to bring Aguero in and drop Mahrez for a £4.5m midfielder. I would prefer to keep Giroud, drop Rooney and then you only have to find £2.5m which you could drop Ramsey for a £6m midfielder such as Ritchie at Bournemouth and do the move. It is a tough one but if you have Hazard and Aguero then you are going to lose balance overall. I’d also be concerned over squad rotation for Bellerin and Shaw, although Shaw looks more likely to be a regular starter according to LVG.

    Hope that helps… lots to think about.

  48. nikesh nihar

    Ya arsenal also have the bad reputation of playing poorly against the big teams. Thanks for the help

  49. nikesh nihar

    Ya also i want to know if Cedric or yoshida at 4.5m, who will be the better out of them. Wether yoshida will start or not?

  50. Lachie

    Thanks a lot, only discovered you recently and am looking forward to listening to the podcast throughout the year. Have swapped Bertrand for Bellerin and am considering midfield options. Any £4.5midfielders you could suggest?

  51. The Source

    Nice one – you can subscribe to our YouTube channel if you haven’t already… it is here

    I would be looking at Ibe for £5m if you can stretch that far.

  52. The Source

    If he is going to be in your first 11 then go Cedric, if a bench player go Yoshida.

  53. nikesh nihar

    Ok thanks for the advice

  54. Brian Hauck

    Running a 3-4-3 or 3-5-2 based on match ups. 0 in the bank. Kicked around replacing Sig or Ritchie for a 4.5-5.5 and upgrading attack to Kane or Giroud for Rodriguez.







    Steven Taylor£4.0


    Yaya Touré£8.5







  55. The Source

    Hi Brian

    Really like the balance of your team first off… but… for me you have to get some Arsenal coverage in there somewhere, whether that being Giroud or maybe dropping Ritchie down to a £5m-£5.5m mid like Ibe at Liverpool – then drop Chadli for someone like Walcott or Ozil? I think Rodriguez is a gamble but could payoff and as your third striker is perhaps a gamble worth taking. I’d be looking at the midfield and making a few tweaks – too much spent on Chadli and Ritchie for those games where you opt for 4 in midfield – it is scandalous to have £6m on the bench!

    Hope that helps buddy.

  56. joe

    Who are the best defenders priced at 5m?

  57. The Source

    Yoshida is a decent shout at £4.5m, or you could go Lescott (£5m) for clean sheets at WBA, if Moreno gets a run of games then he is good for £5m but there is rotation risk. Calum Chambers at Arsenal but again rotation risk so we would opt for Lescott at that price if he is to go in team, if it is a bench player go for Yoshida. Also bear in mind that West Brom have tough opening fixtures. Another option at £4.5m who has good opening fixtures is Steve Cook at Bournemouth.

    Hope that helps.

  58. nikesh nihar

    Hii just confused about wether to bring in Walcott or keep cazorla?

  59. Benjamin Thomas

    thoughts? – I’ve got 1.5M to spend too. but that doesn’t seem to help me with strikers, getting rid of Deeney would only give me 7M which there isn’t a lot for.

  60. The Source

    Hi Benjamin

    You cannot go with one striker… you simply won’t score enough goals and cannot rely on Benteke alone. I would be looking at saving money on your GK, and Managala for a cheaper option if you really want to keep the strong midfield that you have. Drop Deeney and you should have around £8.5 to £9m to spend on someone like Giroud.

    That would be my plan of attack and then let’s look again from there.

  61. fernb

    Would love a second opinion, this is my only my 2nd year.

  62. The Source


    Not bad but a couple of things… Chambers is a concern for a regular starting place, as is Evans. Take one £4.5m player defender and stick him on the bench and then get a £5m defender like Cedric at Southampton and play him instead of Chambers. Your midfield is a little weak but your attack compensates for it but I would be looking at Benteke over Ings with the money saved on defenders.

    Hope that helps… it doesn’t get any easier!

  63. Jake

    Hi Guys, any advice on changes I should make to this team please?

  64. dave

    what do you think about my team?

  65. Brian Hauck

    Thank you. I have replaced Ritchie & Rodriquez with Ozil and Grabban.

  66. Arif Irfan

    Hi. Can you take a look at my team..thanks

  67. The Source

    Hi Jake

    I know there are a lot of Sakho fans out there but I’m not one of them so I would drop him, go for a cheaper third striker and put someone in place of Redmond at Norwich – perhaps a Liverpool mid like Ibe or Henderson? Ritchie is a gamble but could pay off.

    Are you a West Ham fan by any chance? If you are… try and look at it again without your West Ham heart.

    Pelle and Rooney and defence look good.

  68. The Source

    Hi Dave

    I have to say that I really like the look of this team first 11. Defence solid as a rock and like the midfield, Costa and Benteke should reap the rewards. Wilson is a good option but have you considered Defoe?

  69. The Source

    Hi Arif

    Great forward line, strong mid and good defence. My biggest concern here is whether Bellerin will be rotated and the two Crystal Palace players. Perhaps keep one Palace player and replace the othere. 20% of your team relying on Crystal Palace could be a problem. Personally I would be looking at an Arsenal mid like Walcott or Ozil instead of Fabregas just to balance your chances a little more.

    Hope that helps buddy.

  70. The Source

    Hi all

    Thanks so much for your questions and we hope that you found our replies helpful. The teams that are starting to come in and looking much stronger. We are going to be giving help until Friday 31st July 5pm GMT so get your questions in now whilst you can.



  71. Ademola Olaniun

    Hello everyone, would appreciate your thoughts about my team, I feel its close to my final GW1 team.

  72. Jake

    Haha yes I am a West Ham fan, always a downfall of mine in this game, maybe I’ll just stick with Payet and Adrian and look to downgrade Sakho.

    What are your opinions on Defoe? 5.5m and has a nice opening run of fixtures.

    Also would you pick Henderson over Milner?


  73. Arif Irfan

    In your opinion, which Crystal Palace player should i replace and with whom should i replace him

  74. Ademola Olaniun

    Newly tweaked team, thoughts?

  75. The Source

    I’d drop Bellerin for Cedric at Southampton and then drop Cabaye for Henderson

  76. The Source

    Haha – found you out Jake… don’t worry, we won’t judge you for it – in fact, hoping to get to a Hammers game this season at your place… I’d go Henderson over Milner and Defoe we expect around 10 – 12 goals. We have an article on Defoe somewhere on the site – only about a week ago so should be easy to find.

  77. The Source

    Hi Ademola, great to hear from you again… Decent team, we’d probably swap Cazorla for Ozil once Sanchez comes back as Caz will be pushed deeper. Costa – just keep an eye on fitness ahead of GW1 – defence looks fairly solid – don’t expect too much too soon from Wilson. Maybe a few tweaks still to make mate.

  78. Sam

    Would you say that Aguero is as necessary to have in your team as hazard? I feel that 13m is such a hefty price tag and with a forward line of Benteke, Rooney, and Kane, the money saved by avoiding Aguero can be used to balance your midfield and defense.

  79. Ademola Olaniun

    Hi, nice to be here. Thanks, Cazorla for Ozil is possible however, either of them along with Costa could be downgraded when Aguero returns (and in good form). Meanwhile, I’m thinking of bringing in Benteke in the case Costa isn’t fit. In summary, what tweaks do you advice?

  80. The Source

    I’d perhaps be looking at Defoe or Ayew instead of Wilson up front. Drop Costa and bring in Giroud and bolster the midfield – Schneiderlin is not a great pick.

  81. The Source

    I agree completely, you would certainly have to have three top strikers but you can spread the money well. The problem comes when you lose the captain option that he gives you as you will be swapping your captain from week to week and could get the choice wrong. Aguero gives you the solid captain option – BUT… in principle I agree with you.

    I think it really will have to be a choice between Hazard and Aguero this season as both in the team leave a rather imbalanced squad.

  82. Ademola Olaniun

    Ok, likely Schneiderlin replacement(s)?

  83. fantasyfootballtips

    If you’re upgrading go for Henderson, Mane or if not upgrading go for Ibe.

  84. Apoorv Bisht

    Hello, need suggestions all over!
    Not too happy with the goals in the team!
    Also want to accommodate Aguero/Sanchez once they are fit, so help!!

  85. Nick

    Please RMT. This is my first year that I join FPL. I hope Sterling and Walcott will play as forwards (at least until aguero is back) which should bring many points? I would like to have Kane in my team as well or do you think he can not maintain / exceed from last year?

  86. nikesh nihar

    Hii who will be the best one among cazorla ramsey and ozil?

  87. The Source

    Hi Apoorv

    First off, you will not get Sanchez, Aguero and Hazard all at the same time and keep any kind of balance. So you will have to choose 2 of the 3 at best. GK’s look fine, you have too much money spent on your defenders… I’d keep Azpi, change Fonte for Cedric and keep Clyne then drop the other two down to £4-4.5m defenders. Mane – fine, Mata – risky (prob prefer Depay), Cazorla – fine, Henderson – fine, Hazard – fine… but you are spending a lot in midfield… I would go for Ibe instead of Henderson or Mata and save yourself some money to invest in attack. I’d stick with Benteke and use the money your saving elsewhere to upgrade Berahino to Giroud or Kane.

    Hope that helps. 9 days to go!

  88. The Source

    Hi Nick

    I think Kane will do well again this season, although perhaps not as well as last season. Forward line is strong except for Vardy – could you squeeze Defoe in there? Sterling, Hazard, Walcott all solid – Chadli – not for me… I’d go Henderson at Liverpool or go for Ibe (£5m) and upgrade Vardy. Defence is solid. Not bad for a first attempt. If you downgrade Chadli to Ibe and swap Rooney for Giroud then you may have enough to bring in Kane for Vardy.

    HAve a tinker and let us know.


  89. The Source

    Sorry – we don’t have a crystal ball, but it has to be Cazorla and Ozil based on last season, plus Caz on the penalties. Ozil will play further forward than Caz once Sanchez comes back. Can’t go far wrong with Caz or Ozil.

  90. nikesh nihar

    Ok will look into that. Another thing i wanted to ask is that for 8m it would be better to take pelle or lukaku?

  91. Asher

    Sorry, forgot to put Damian into starters

  92. Apoorv Bisht

    Thanks for the advice, I’ll go point by point:
    1. I want to alternate between 2 of Hazard/Sanchez/Aguero/Costa for every gameweek depending on the fixtures & form, not going for all.
    2. Please recommend defenders who are likely to get assists/goals other than the obvious ones like Terry, Ivanovic, Baines etc. I think Van Anholt is an excellent option, he’s a guaranteed starter and has great crossing ability as well as a wicked shot on him and Sunderland had 13 clean sheets.
    3. I can’t go for Ibe as much even though I want to since I already have 3 Liverpool players and I don’t want to switch Hendo since he’ll probably play every game. So I’ve gone for Mahrez instead in place of Mata
    4. What are your thoughts on Wayne “Shrek” Rooney. I think he’ll get 20 goals and 7-8 assists since he’ll be playing the lone striker role. Is it a better bet than Kane or Giroud ?

    5. Defoe instead of Wilson, safer bet and ensured goals I think.

    Thoughts and suggestions ??
    And starters/subs for the starting 11.

  93. The Source

    Hi Asher

    I’d say your pretty close to the team you want there. I like it a lot – only one I disagree with is Sakho. But it is good to have a differential player in there and I think you have that in Mata too. Walcott could be MASSIVE this season if he stays fit and gets time in the team.

    Good luck. Make sure you join our league as I’d like to see how you get on. Chance to win £100 too!

  94. nikesh nihar

    This team is close to my final team. Any thoughts?

  95. The Source

    Cracking… stick with that.

  96. nikesh nihar


  97. Mills

    Our free advice has now ended – if you need further tips please check back at our articles.

    We will be running team clinics periodically through the season.

    Cheers and good luck.

  98. Scott Elmes

    Hi can you give your opinion on my team below please


    Aspiliceuta. Cedric Huth

    Flecther Silva Sanchez Hazard

    Defoe Rooney Kane


    Hennessy Francis Ward


  99. Scott Elmes

    Sorry other sub is wanyama

  100. lamb

    Hello – need help with the team. Felt good about it and now I don’t. Thanks.

  101. alex

    Hi Guys. I’d appreciate it if you’d take a look at my team.
    Azpili Clyne O’Shea Mertesacker Simpson
    Haz Ramsey Hendo Sterling Barry
    Rooney Kane Deeney

  102. Nick

    So it now looks like this.

    Williams & Oshea (or v aanholt) will be rotating defenders. Azpi & cedric stay.

    Still have 1.5 in the bank which I would use for:
    upgrade forward
    upgrade wanyama to …
    keep until sanchez is back to get him (which I could use a wildcard for)

  103. VChambati

    What do you h=guys think about this team? Also would it be worth it to replace Benteke with Bony?

  104. Mills

    Looks good but Sanzhex won’t be there from the start. Having him and Hazard in the team is a big luxury but it looks solid enough.

  105. Mills

    I think the two areas you need to look at are Giroud and Firmino. Firmino will take time to settle (in most likelihood) and Giroud is under threat from Walcott up front. Also – he had a poor return last season. I’d go for Pelle up front instead of Giroud and then swap Firmino for Walcott.

  106. Mills

    Solid except for the fact that I don’t like Guzan in goal. I’d also say that Ozil or Cazorla are more solid options starting wise than Ramsey.

  107. Mills

    Pretty solid and good strong front line, but as I said earlier – I’m not a big fan of Giroud at the moment as he might not start every game. That would be a strong front line if you can find a way to get Kane instead of Giroud… maybe Ibe instead of Cleverley and downgrade a sub?

  108. Mills

    We did say we had finished with the free personal tips – and now we have… good luck one and all… we will be back with more tips this week, captain tips are out tonight at around 6pm and we will be back on Friday and Saturday morning with up the minute info and team news.

  109. Hadi

    RIP my team to bits

  110. Mills

    Sorry – free help has ended now. Check out our many articles for advice.

  111. Lachie

    Made changes really not happy, have $5m in the bank to swap Aguero in for Bony. Help really needed

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