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Game Week 15 Transfer – Who to replace Aguero with

Game Week 15 Transfer – Who to replace Aguero with

Sergio Aguero – The Emergency Transfer Article

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When I dropped Sergio Aguero last week I must admit I was somewhat apprehensive and the plan was always to bring him back in for game week 15 – so although I had a sneaking suspicion that it wouldn’t be Aguero’s day against Chelsea, I never expected it to result in a shocking challenge and a red card with a -1 score.

It’s not the first time this season we have seen Aguero end a game on minus points and with a 4 game suspension looming it is not even a consideration that you can ride out the games he is missing. The price of Aguero is set to freefall and so an early decision is key this week as to who should replace the Argentine in your side. With the added conundrum this week of everyone looking to get Alexis Sanchez in their teams after his GW14 heroics it may mean a double transfer is required to facilitate the move – the good news is that there are some top options up front and you will have cash leftover whoever your bring in for Sergio.

The Aguero Transfer Policy

There is no doubting that Aguero is one of the best strikers in the Premier League – if not ‘the’ best striker in the league. He is going to be missing for four games so the first point to make clear is that he has to drop out of your team for those four games – no one has the capacity for a £13m passenger in their FPL side.

Aguero will be missing until at least game week 19 which is an away trip to Liverpool. With decent fixtures in game week 19 for other teams you can probably live through that week without him if you feel the need – it may depend on how Liverpool are defending by that point as to whether you want him back. Either way, you will be able to use a wildcard if you feel then need to re-jig financially to bring Aguero back in for game week 20 for a home game against Burnley. The other option of course is to save a double free transfer to bring him back in for GW19 – but the point here is that you don’t have to worry about that right now – so take that question of how to bring Aguero back in to your team away from the question of who to replace him with – focus on the next 4 weeks for the replacement first.

The Like for Like GW15 Transfer

There is not a true like for like swap but what we are talking about here is bringing a premium striker in. If you don’t have either Diego Costa or Harry Kane then you need to bring in at least one of these players – with Costa being the preference – the worry of the 5th yellow and a one game suspension has been going on for two months now and is something you just need to forget. I would argue that Kane and Costa should probably make 2 of your 3 striker positions with the third being up for discussion. Ibrahimovic is another option but with Man Utd not having the consistency at the moment he is difficult to put such huge amounts of money in to him – there are also some other top options for less money which may be a better choice.

The Double Whammy

The more popular choice might be to take a double transfer hit and take a -4. If you don’t have Alexis Sanchez then he has to be in your team – it is as simple as that. This season the midfield players are the ones that are bringing home the points and Sanchez is playing as a striker at Arsenal and doing so with such an impact. The good news is that there are some really good options in attack to facilitate such a move in midfield. Let’s say you drop a cheapish midfielder such as Nathan Redmond for around £6m and replace with Sanchez at £11.5m. That means you have a £5.5m deficit so if you sold Aguero for £13m you would have £7.5m to spend up front.

£7.5 will not quite get you Jermain Defoe but if you can make that happen then a game at Swansea in GW15 might tempt you – just be aware it is followed by a game against Chelsea. £7.5m will buy you Christian Benteke who looks phenomenal for Palace against Southampton in GW14 and a trip to Hull City in game week 15 is followed by tough games against Man Utd and Chelsea – but again the next fixture looks very tempting. Charlie Austin (£6.9m) and Iheanacho (£6.6m) make up the best of the rest. Bournemouth have some decent fixtures coming up and Callum Wilson at £6.4m might be a good differential pick.

The Verdict

The key points to take here are to make an early change for Aguero – just be careful if you are opting for a Champions League or Europa League player as they do have fixtures this week. The cheaper strikers won’t have this worry so you can make your change with little risk.

Don’t worry (yet) about how you are going to bring Aguero back as you have time to plan for that.

Make sure you have Sanchez in your team for game week 15.

There we go… simple… and who said FPL was hard?

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  1. Bfiller

    All I can say Millsie is thanks for the amazing tip in gw 14 dropping Aguero and captaining Kane!! Paid big dividends for me and especially set me up nicely for game week 15 seeing the Aguero suspension. Already made the move for Sanchez who I unfortunately didn’t have for he 14.

  2. fantasyfootballtips

    Glad to be of service – I get it right occasionally 🙂

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