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Game Week 24 to 31 Strategy

Game Week 24 to 31 Strategy

Game Week 24 – 31 Strategy

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The next 8 game weeks will probably define the sort of season you have and as many of us find ourselves languishing in unfamiliar rankings it is this time where you have the chance to reclaim your rightful place. As a follower of you are obviously serious about winning your FPL mini-league or perhaps even winning the overall competition (as we know at least one of our followers is in the top 20 – yes 20) and although reading this article alone will not do that for you, the aim is to make you consider all the points you need to so that you can have a good strategy in place for the coming weeks.

The implementation of the all out attack, bench boost and most importantly the triple captain chips, plus the new rules for the second wildcard (allowing it to be played anytime in the second half of the season) have brought a whole new level of strategy to FPL this season. The fact that over 50% of the top 10,000 managers have already used their triple captain chip shows that there is ground to be claimed on at least half of the top managers (if you still have your triple captain chip that is) and hopefully you have been following our advice and not activated your wildcard yet.

With 15 game weeks remaining, it makes sense to break that in to 2 half seasons of its own. GW24-31 will contain blank game weeks for sure and possibly double game weeks for some teams. The same could be true of GW32-38 so it is important to bear in mind that you will need a good full squad and not just a super strong first 11 with nothing on the bench.

The Wildcard

If you have not yet played your wildcard then you are probably going to want to play it in this section of the season. Unless you are super happy with your team and you plan on making very few changes in this part of the season then to get the most out of it you will want to play it before GW31.

We already know that game week 27 is going to be a blank for Man City, Everton, Liverpool and Newcastle but that does not necessarily mean you need to play your wildcard before or after it. Make sure you have read the GW27 preparation article for preparing without your wildcard.

That being said, with Champions League about to return, as well as the Europa League, FA Cup and League Cup things are set to become more pretty intense for some of your top players and squad depth should be a priority for this part of the season – so if you are lacking in this area then you might want to hit ‘play wildcard’ sooner rather than later.

Key Players

There is no doubting who have been the top performing players this season so far (just a glance at the FPL transfer table will tell you) but the question is whether they can continue at the same pace for the remainder of the season.

Let’s take a look at the players who have performed well and the ones that we think you need in your team:

Riyad Mahrez

Still comfortably the highest points scorer for the season despite just 1 assist and no goals in his last 6 – with just 2% of managers dropping him he still has a whopping ownership value of 64% meaning that if he does fail to recapture his top performances, there is huge potential to claw points back with another midfielder in his place.

Whether to drop him will really come down to the price you can get for him. If you jumped on Mahrez late then you will get most of his £7.1m fee meaning it would not be too much of a jump for someone like Payet (West Ham) with the other cheap option being Dele Alli at just £5.7m.

Leicester have 3 very tough games coming up and I have already dropped Mahrez – I would urge you to do the same if you paid a pretty penny for him.

Mesut Ozil and Alexis Sanchez

Ozil has been the ‘must have’ player for some time now and I have been championing him for months. The time may have come though to swap him out for the returning Alexis Sanchez. Sanchez is well rested having been given an extra 2 weeks rest following his return to full fitness and it is Ozil who is now most likely to be rested in some Premier League games with Arsenal’s fixture congestion about to restart.

Sanchez scored in the FA Cup fourth round match at the Emirates on Saturday and he looks ready to continue with his strong performances in the league. Ozil was rested for that game and Wenger will want to keep both of them fit to finish the season with a flourish. Arsenal are serious title contenders this season and I could see a gamble on having both Ozil and Sanchez in your team as potentially paying off – although this is not something I would usually advocate.

To read the rest of the article you will need to read the members article here.

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