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Game Week 25 Tips

Game Week 25 Tips

We'd like to begin my apologising to our readers for the lack of week 24 tips. We had a small technical issues, which has now been resolved. Next week we will be doing a poll with some great prizes to be won to make it up to you!

Game Week 25 Tips

We have a really nice weekend schedule coming up, with all 20 teams in action, and some very interesting matches. Most key players are looking set to go, so there is no need to be overly worried about early transfers, but of course it's best to remain vigilant.

Week 24 was very challenging for those players well invested in Liverpool and Arsenal. On the other hand, a few players shot back with superb performances including Defoe for Sunderland, and Lukaku with a wonderful hat-trick for Everton. But without further ado, let's look at the week ahead:

Game of the Week:

Arsenal Vs. Hull City 

Arsenal will be seething from their tame loss to Chelsea in week 24, and we expect them to bounce back with a vengeance. Put that together with a match-up against Hull City who have conceded a 2nd worst in the league 47 goals, and we can expect some decent performances. We like Olivier Giroud in particular, with Alexis Sanchez also likely to score. Arsenal's defenders and keeper should also do just fine against a Hull team hardly knocking in goals for fun.


Top Player Picks of the Week:

 1. Olivier Giroud

As we previously mentioned, Giroud has a great matchup at home to Hull City, and we feel great about him knocking in a goal or two. The biggest issue is not so much his opposition but whether these goals will be taken off him by his teammate Alexis Sanchez. Either way, this is not someone you want to be coming up against this week.

2. Diego Costa

Diego Costa has a very favourable matchup this week going to Burnley on Sunday. Although burnley have been performing better than most people's expectations this week, it's still a fair bet that Chelsea, and in particular Costa will score.

3. Gabriel Jesus

Jesus is going to Bournemouth who, much like Burnley are performing somewhat better than most expected of them. That being said, this will be a game which City will be expecting to come away from with 3 points fairly comfortably. With Jesus being by far their most prolific scorer, his owners should feel fairly confident that he'll be picking up their goals.


Top Dark Horses of the Week:

 1. Jermaine Defoe 

Not an easy game at Anfield, but recently Defoe has a habit of scoring and he's got a decent chance of keeping that going this weekend.

2. Lukasz Fabianksi

We hate to say it, but all of a sudden playing at home to Leicester City looks like a great game for  keeper. We don't expect to see Leicester remain quite as bas as they've been but for not you have to ride the down turn and it's doubtful they're about to go goal crazy.

3.Romelu Lukaku

We don't think last week was a one off and it looks fully likely to us that Lukaku is going to keep scoring. He looks dangerous every time he's near the ball.

Remember to look out for our captains pick later in the week!

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