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Game Week 26 Captain Picks

Game Week 26 Captain Picks

If you want to check out our picks for daily fantasy for tonights Europa League games, click here. For our guide to playing daily fantasy in general, click here.

Game Week 26 Captain Picks

Week 26 is a particularly interesting week to pick a captain due to the number of key players out with postponed games. Sanchez, Giroud, Ibrahimovic and Aguero are among the players usually in the captain mix up that will not be playing, which brings some players into the equation that we'd usually not be looking too long at. Put that together with a bunch of players involved late in the week with Europa League ties, and it adds another level of complexity. Then again, that's why we're here - we've taken a look at all of the factors and come up with a solid top 3 to make your job easier. Remember, as always our #1 captain pick is for members only, so if you want to check it out, you'll need to join up.

GW26 Captain Pick No. 3: Diego Costa

Diego Costa has been a problematic player for fantasy owners this season with a really up and down kind of season. That being said, he scored a nice goal away to Wolves last week and that might be what he needed to kick start his goal scoring again. There's every chance that had a few more of the big players been in action this weekend, Costa may not have made our list, but it is what it is and you should feel okay giving him the armband this week. The fact that this is a game Chelsea really will expect to win at home to Swansea makes the decision a little easier.

GW26 Captain Pick No. 2: Harry Kane

Now we shouldn't admit this seeing as our #1 captain pick is for member only, but this is the closest we've ever been between out top 2. Kane looked absolutely sublime in the FA Cup knocking in a wonderful hat-trick away to Fulham and it's almost impossible to imagine him not scoring at home to Stoke back in the league. There were a couple of reasons we only gave him #2 in the end, including the fact he's got a game this evening against Gent and may still be struggling with a bit of fatigue come Sunday. That said, you should feel fantastic giving Kane the captains slot this weekend and he's very likely to rack up some fantasy points

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8 comments on "Game Week 26 Captain Picks"

  1. Ddawg

    What happened to the podcast?

  2. Jake Morris

    Ddawg, you’re wasting your time. Hope you haven’t paid for a premium membership.

  3. FantasyFootballTips


    Due to personal issues we’ve had problems getting the podcast out though we’re going to find a way to bring it back in a slightly changed format within the next fortnight. We’re really sorry about that and are going to be producing a lot more content in the coming weeks to make up for it.

  4. Ddawg

    Thank you for the feedback.
    I’m struggling in my mini league without you guys.
    Good with the sorting things out.

  5. FantasyFootballTips

    Well for now how’s the advice working out in our week 26 tips? If you want any more feedback or advice shoot us a PM or comment and we’ll get back with specific advice 🙂

    Thanks for the good wishes.

  6. Ross Piro

    I’m relatively new to fantasy football but why would I Captain players who only have one game this week and not someone like Sterling who has two? Thanks for the advice.

  7. Ian

    Agree surely a Man Citeh player this week for Captain?

  8. FantasyFootballTips

    For relatively new that was a good pick up! The latest captains pick did have an error when first published, which has now been fixed.

    We don’t actually think he’ll be even a top 3 pick based on the Sunderland game alone, but you’re quite right, he’s a clear #1 with the double header. Personally I’d still take Kane or Ibrahimovic over any Man City player other than Aguero, but that’s certainly up for debate. In the meantime Aguero is clearly the #1 overall pick.

    By the way, this is the thread for week 26. Week 27 is here:

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