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Game Week 27 and 30 Selection Headaches

Game Week 27 and 30 Selection Headaches

Game Week 27 and 30 Blank Fixtures

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With so much attention on the impending blank gameweek 27 for Man City, Newcastle, Everton and Liverpool it is easy to forgive those managers that may not have considered future FPL blank game weeks with the next being GW30 when the quarter finals of the FA Cup takes place looking set to wipe out a whole raft of Premier League fixtures.

This brings around two key questions...

Which teams will blank in GW30?



When will the double game week happen to replace the blanks?

With us being half way through the fifth round FA Cup fixtures the first question is possible to be half answered so let’s take a look at the GW30 fixtures and assess the chances of them being missed…

Norwich Vs. Man City - 50% chance of blank

Villa Vs. Spurs – 50% chance of blank

Bournemouth Vs. Swansea – WILL PLAY

Man Utd Vs. Crystal Palace - 50% chance of blank

Stoke Vs. Southampton – WILL PLAY

Sunderland Vs. Everton - DEFINATE BLANK

West Ham Vs. Watford – DEFINATE BLANK

Arsenal Vs. WBA – 50% chance of blank

Liverpool Vs. Chelsea - 50% chance of blank

Leicester Vs. Newcastle – WILL PLAY

So as it stands we can see that there are definitely 2 games that will blank and there will be at least 2 more blanks depending on the winners of the Spurs Vs. Crystal Palace game and the Chelsea Vs. Man City game.

Managers with any number of Everton players will have been devastated to learn of their progression yesterday as they are already losing player in game week 27 and most FPL managers will be hoping for a Chelsea win so Man City do not suffer the same fate.

The Double Game Week Bonus

The flip side to blank game weeks of course is the bonus of the double game weeks later in the season – but when will they be? The chances are that any team who has a fixture rearranged from game week 30 will play twice in game week 34 so this looks like being the ‘BIG’ double game week. There will also be a double game week for any teams suffering an FA Cup semi-final blank in GW35 which will take place in game week 37. There will still be a requirement for the teams who blank in GW27 to play again too so keep an eye out for this – at this stage we cannot say with any certainty when this will happen.

How to play the blank and double game weeks

Hopefully you followed out guide to playing game week 27 but the questions we get a lot regarding these double game weeks are:

When to play my wildcard?


When to play bench boost and triple captain?

The sensible option for the wildcard is prior to the big double gameweek 34 so to use the wildcard in GW33 would make a lot of sense and you should look to make every player in your team a DGW player. The other option if you already have a lot of DGW players is to use it ahead of the smaller DGW 37 so use it in GW36 to get as many of the DGW players for that week – as this will be hard for any managers to do who don’t have a wildcard remaining.

The question of triple captain and bench boost will come down to the fixtures and the players you have. Bench Boost looks like a good option when you have nearly all of your players playing so it is best to play this the week after you use your wildcard. Triple captain can be used anytime you have a DGW player (but you can’t use it the same week as another chip including the wildcard so bear that it mind). The obvious choice for triple captain is Sergio Aguero but with tough fixtures in both of the proposed double game weeks (Chelsea and Arsenal) it might be worth considering someone else.

We will update this article when we know the results of Sunday’s games and the FA cup fifth round replays – until then… get your thinking caps on! In the meantime you can check out our game week 27 tips here and also our members only article that gives some top advice for the last 12 games.

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