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Game Week 27 Tips: Who to drop?

Game Week 27 Tips: Who to drop?

Game Week 27 Picks

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Another very decent week for many FPL managers with key players like Dimitri Payet, Harry Kane, Roberto Firmino, Jamie Vardy and Mesut Ozil all performing well. The likes of Diego Costa (as predicted) returned to form and rewarded our premium members who captained our number one choice. A Liverpool whitewash will go down well amongst their supporters and it is a shame for their Fantasy Premier League backers that they won’t feature again in February (in the league at least). In fact, there is now a huge gap to game week 27 for all of us as we have a full two weeks until the next set of Premier League fixtures roll around as the FA Cup Fifth Round fixtures take place this weekend. Expect some FA Cup predictions from us on that later this week, but for now we are staying firmly focused on those gameweek 27 tips.

Game Week 27 First Thoughts

With it being so far away and with plenty of football to play between now and GW27, especially for teams playing in the Champions League and the Europa League, it is difficult to make any solid predictions so early. That being said, there a few pointers that all managers will do well to take heed of and so we feel it is our duty to bring these to your attention.

Every man and his dog are aware that Liverpool, Everton, Man City and Newcastle do not feature in game week 27 and the upcoming price drop of Lukaku is testament to this. But it is the potential price drops that you might want to avoid and so although GW27 does not start until 27th February it is worth thinking over at least one of your transfers now.

Hopefully you will have followed our 8 week strategy that we set out a couple of weeks ago and so you will have saved a free double transfer for this week. Either that, or you will have already started to ship out the players that you don’t need for next week – most notably the Newcastle players who were shambolic at Stamford Bridge as Chelsea annihilated them!

Game Week 27 Transfers

Let’s take a look at the players that you are mort likely to be considering chopping for GW27:

Roberto Firmino

The Brazilian had been in good form and performed well against Liverpool. The chances are that his price has not risen too much since you brought him in so you can afford to chop him. Liverpool take on Man City at home in gameweek 28 so it is more than possible for you to drop him until the Crystal Palace game in gameweek 29.

Our advice if you have him is to drop him as one of your free transfers. If he continues to be dropped at his current rate of 0.7% per hour then his price will drop in 2 days time – better to do this now than to wait.

Potential replacements are Dimitri Payet, Christian Eriksen and Dele Alli if you don’t already have any of those players.

Sergio Aguero

City do have that tough away game at Liverpool in GW28 but then have a home game against Villa in GW29 for which you will really want Aguero in your team for. The chances are he will drop back to £13.5m (currently £13.6m) but if you paid anything less than £13.2m for him then it is not worth dropping your star striker. We suggest keeping him and using the strength on your bench. If you don’t have the strength on the bench then Diego Costa has to be a serious contender for you if you don’t already have him.

Ross Barkley and Romelu Lukaku

We have put these two together purely because they both have extremely high levels of FPL ownership (39% and 37.3% respectively) and both play for the same team. Both players have rewarded their owners this season and they are difficult players to drop. They are even more difficult to drop as they are about to go on a great run of Premier League fixture starting with a trip to Villa Park in GW28. Everton will be hopeful of another Merseyside thrashing for that game and Lukaku and Barkley would probably be the beneficiaries of any poor defensive performances from Villa in that game.

The trouble is that if you have both of these players then at least one is going to have to go. Of course, it depends on the rest of your team and which players and how many you have that are potentially going to miss GW27. You have hopefully planned for this but if you haven’t then I would suggest that Lukaku is the easier to drop based on price and the value that a replacement could bring in terms of goals.

Again, the decision here will very much depend on your squad. But if you have Lukaku and Aguero in your team then Lukaku has to go. Odion Ighalo, Troy Deeney and Harry Kane all have very promising chances for GW27 but with Spurs having a tough trip to Fiorentina on top of the FA Cup fixture against Crystal Palace it might be better to side with the Watford boys.

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