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Game Week 28 Tips

Game Week 28 Tips

Game Week 28 Tips

As we mentioned in out podcast,  this is a pretty miserable week with only 4 matches being played and most serious fantasy players not in action. It goes without saying that many Liverpool players are going to need to be looked at as you make trades to secure your league position at this crucial junction. It really is weeks like this, with many FPL managers making similar selections that it's so crucial to take a deeper look at the player options and make some wise selections.


Game Week 23 Picks 

Liverpool Vs. Burnley 

Usually we like to go through the games chronologically, but on this particular occasion is makes sense to go with what is without doubt the most important game this week for fantasy players. As always there's a bit of bingo needing to be played with the Liverpool midfield, which tends to share out the points very evenly. This week, as last, we give preference to Mané as he's scored 3 goals in his last 3 games and looks very in-form. And as for the rest of the midfield our own rankings are: Firmino, Coutinho and Lallana in that order. Liverpool forwards are notoriously bad for fantasy and we think you can do somewhat better finding a second forward this week (we all know who every team is starting in one of the spots this week (hint: skip to Everton game). In defence, both Clyne and Lovren deserve a second look.

As for Burnley, keeper Heaton looks fit to play and if he does, he'll be their most popular player and likely to add a good number of saves. If you're really desperate then Gray could be an alright option up front (Liverpool do have days when they just leak goals), but it's an unenthusiastic choice.

Everton Vs. West Brom

To say there's one absolute standout player in this game is a hell of an understatement. Romelo Lukaku will most certainly be in the captain's discussion this week and is an absolute lock to be playing in every and any FPL team. There's really not much more to say on him because it's just such an obvious play, but there are other good Everton players worth playing including both Coleman and Baines in defence. From Everton's midfield, our preferred option is Ross Barkley due to his assist consistency, and if you're starting Barry or Davies it's likely not good news.

Hull Vs. Swansea 

The penultimate game of our preview, and not teams that are frequently looked at for fantasy premier league, but may be due a closer look with the lack of fixtures this week. Though keeper Jakupovic is the most selected Hull player by a long way, but ironically this might not be his most suitable game with Swansea not fancied to get as many shots in as many other teams (though a clean sheet is on the cards).

Quite honestly, even this week it's hard to find much else in that Hull team. Swansea have a few more interesting players with excellent midfielder Sigurdsson deserving to be in a lot of fantasy team this week (including ours). He got an assist in each of his last three games and it's pretty likely that if Swansea score, he'll have a piece of it. Llorente will start for many teams up front next to Lukaku, due to his wonderful form which has included 3 goals from his last two games. Take a good look at Amat and Kingsley in defence too (in that order for us).

Bournemouth Vs. West Ham

This game is really not as bad as it first looks, and Bournemouth in particular are a team oft overlooked that shouldn't be. Although defenders Smith and Daniels. Joshua King deserves  deeper look having scored 4 goals in 4 games, and there are worse choices than Boruc in goal.

Likewise, in this week in particular there are a good number of West Ham players worth considering. We really like both Snodgrass and Antonio in this game in that order and you can fancy them to grab at least an assist between them.

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