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Game Week 3 Striker Options

Game Week 3 Striker Options

Game Week 3: Battle of the strikers

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Perhaps one of the most difficult decisions right now is how to balance the midfield and attacking options in your FPL team. With everyone now seeming to think that Ibrahimovic is a must have player in addition to the must have £13.1m Sergio Aguero, it means choosing the third striker and the impact that this can have on your midfield is significant.

What has made things even harder is the performances of some of the big club players. With so many of the strikers having started the season well, it makes it a tough call to know who is going to continue the form and who is going to drop away – also factoring in those players that have either not had much game time yet or who are likely to come to form over the coming weeks.

We take a look at some combinations in attack with a generous maximum budget of £31.2m to spend, having allocated the rest to midfield, defence and goalkeeper.

The Big Guns and the Sling (£31.2m) – Ibrahimovic, Aguero, Gray/Defoe/Carroll

If the big guns are the most expensive then the cheap option could be likened to a sling – but remember the story of David and Goliath… well you get my drift. Alvaro Negredo would have entered this set up at the start of the season and if you can squeeze him in then he could be the best choice but for us we are going to stick within the budget allocated.

This attack is going to impact on your midfield allowing you to have just two (at the very most) premium midfielders. My team currently has Sanchez and Hazard with the Arsenal player likely to make way this week for a Man City mid.

The positive of this set up is that you can rotate captains on the home and away games of Man City and Man Utd, whilst also having the room for some decent spending in midfield.

The Balanced Approach (£31.1m) – Aguero, Lukaku and Giroud

Olivier Giroud is likely to return for Arsenal this weekend against Watford and they need him (or another striker) desperately. A balanced lineup of the Frenchman (or your could opt for Costa who has the form for an extra £0.5m), Lukaku and Aguero would cost you just under the previous option and probably provides more balance.

They key here is how many less goals the sling and one gun from option score than these guys. It is fair to say that you chances of success are going to be higher with this option as you have more to work with.

If Aguero scores 25 goals, Ibrahimovic scores 20 goals and Gray scores 10 goals that’s a total of 55 goals. If Aguero has his 25 and Lukaku scores 18 and Giroud scores 16 (as they did last season) then that is a total of 59 goals.

Now of course, any of those players can score more or less, however if you spread the risk over 3 top quality players who are proven then the chances are more in your favour.

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