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Game Week 4 Wildcard and Sergio Aguero Suspension News

Game Week 4 Wildcard and Sergio Aguero Suspension News

The Question of Aguero and the Game Week 4 Wildcard

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It may be an international break from the Premier League but there has been plenty going on this week to keep FPL fans entertained and ample for them to ponder over. For many, the question of whether or not to play the wildcard has been at the forefront of their lips, that is when they didn’t have their club hats on and were grinding their teeth on transfer deadline day.

Now that another record breaking final day of August has passed, the aftermath of transfers and one potential suspension has to be dissected. There is nothing that divides opinion more in Fantasy Premier League than the wildcard – so I suppose it’s just as well that we get two per season.

With the first half of the Premier League season being just 3 weeks old some would say it is ludicrous that you might play your wildcard. Others might argue that it is the perfect time now that the squads are decided and the season has started to settle down with players now starting to find their rhythm.

As annoying as I find the impact of the international fixtures on the domestic game it certainly does provide a moment of reflection on a season that is already promising to be as challenging as last year’s crazy affair!


So to the question of Aguero

There is not one more prolific striker in the Premier League right now than Sergio Aguero and we have long been advocates of the need for him to be in a winning fantasy team. The question at hand is whether to drop the £13m+ player from your team whilst he is out suspended.

First off, he is going to be suspended for three games – but only two of those will be in the Premier League as Man City have a League Cup third round match at Swansea days before they travel their in the Premier League.

The question is whether you can really stomach having £13m sat on your bench for two games.

The United game was always going to be a tough fixture anyway although the home game against Burnley would have been very tempting. The first concern to alleviate if you are considering selling is that you won’t be able to buy him back – you will. But you will have to act fast to get him back when the game week 5 deadline passes. His price will fall this week (possibly tonight) and will continue to do so as more and more managers drop him.

There are some pretty tasty fixtures for some other top strikers that you might want to swap in for Aguero – and this is where we start talking wildcard.

For me – if you are happy with your team then it makes sense to just ditch Aguero for the 2 games and replace him with a Diego Costa or Lukaku type player – Ibrahimovic if you don’t have him! But don’t be tempted to use the money in other areas.

Whatever you decide – you must have a way back for Aguero.


Playing The Wildcard?

But what if you’re not happy with your team? Well then I can understand the need to play the wildcard and with some of the recent transfers there is temptation there too. In reality, you need to be significantly changing your team to be able to justify the use of the wildcard at this stage.

Now it may well be that you are left with an array of injuries by the end of the international break – which then justifies you using the wildcard. But – don’t do it just to utilise the money from selling Aguero is the advice here.

If you do use your wildcard then you need to set your team up for the next two weeks and be strict on the non-use of your free transfer for game week 5. This will allow you two free transfers to bring Aguero back in game week 6. But have this in mind now and keep a close eye on the potential price rises of your players.

What next?

We will be posting some articles over the coming days with some wildcard tips if you are intent on playing it as well as the newly transferred players to look out for. In the meantime, why not check out our FPL podcast for game week 4 which is below where we discuss all the issues raised in this article.


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