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GW33-37 – Three Double Gameweeks and the Blank

GW33-37 – Three Double Gameweeks and the Blank

The Double and Blank Game Weeks

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We now have most of the information we need to formulate a plan for game week 33, 34, 35 and 37 – to be honest, from now until the end of the season is going to require some real strategy to make the most of the remaining fixtures and the chaos that the FA Cup has caused in the build of Premier League fixtures.

The first double game week that we have is game week 33, which sees Everton play Crystal Palace as one of their rejigged fixtures on top of their original fixture against Everton. With Everton and Crystal Palace then playing another 2 games in game week 34 (like most clubs) the potential of having 6 players playing 4 games each over 2 weeks is very tempting… but is it the right play?

We look to answer all of the DGW questions and look how to maximise the opportunities in this article.

The Double Game Week and Blank Weeks - Teams:

Arsenal – GW34 – (No Blanks)

Aston Villa - (No Blanks)

Bournemouth - (No Blanks)

Chelsea – GW37 - (No Blanks)

Crystal Palace – GW33, GW34 – (GW35 Blank)

Everton – GW33, GW34, GW37 - (GW35 Blank)

Leicester - (No Blanks)

Liverpool – GW34, GW37 - (No Blanks)

Man City – GW34 - (No Blanks)

Man Utd – GW34, GW37 - (GW35 Blank)

Newcastle –GW34 - (No Blanks)

Norwich - GW37 - (GW35 Blank)

Southampton - (No Blanks)

Stoke - (No Blanks)

Sunderland - GW37 - (No Blanks)

Swansea - (No Blanks)

Tottenham - (No Blanks)

Watford – GW34, GW37 - (GW35 Blank)

WBA – GW34 - (No Blanks)

West Ham – GW34, GW37 - (GW35 Blank)

As you can see from the list of double and blank game weeks the benefits of some of the double game week teams could be overshadowed by a blank game week 35 for 6 Premier League teams. The key to success over the next 7 weeks is balance and having the right strategy to make the right moves at the right time – with the least impact on minus points! Easier said than done right? Let’s take a look at some strategies.

The not so wild wildcard

If you have kept your cool and planned your season well then you will most likely have your wildcard intact. But when is the best time to play it? Depending on your team, then the time to play the wildcard is probably game week 33 to take advantage of the back to back double game weeks for Everton and then keep a double free transfer for game week 35. The wildcard is also going to take in to consideration the big GW34 so the planning starts here.

Crystal Palace are hardly a team to back in their current form and fixtures against Norwich, Everton, Man Utd and Arsenal are going to inspire too much hope. By contrast, Everton face Watford, Crystal Palace, Southampton and Liverpool before their GW35 blank. Again, not the easiest fixtures but they do have players worthy of a place in your team.

Game Week 33-35 Ideal Set-up

In an ideal world you will have Lukaku (must have), Barkley and Coleman from Everton for GW33 and GW34. Scott Dann is the only Palace player that I would opt for although Damien Delaney is a good cut price alternative who starts pretty much every game. I’d opt for one Palace player and 3 Everton in this time. You then want to ensure you make no transfer ahead of GW34 to allow you to drop Barkley and Coleman for players who are starting in GW35.

In part two we look at the best teams, an alternative way to play the wildcard, how to play your chips and look at when you might be able to justify a minus points hit. You can read part two here.

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