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How to cope with the gameweek 35 blanks

How to cope with the gameweek 35 blanks

How to cope with the game week 35 blanks

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The bad side to double game weeks is the inevitable blanks that either precede or follow them. This week we see a game week that has been hit by the FA Cup semi finals with 6 teams affected by the fixture congestion. The question of minus points and wildcards usually comes up when Fantasy Premier League managers are faced with squad playing time issues and it raises the question of how best you can cope with a game week that might see you with as few as 7 or 8 first team players.

If you have been following our tips then the chances are that you have prepared for the blanks to players like Payet, Martial, Rashford, Lukaku, Barkley and co but still someone in my mini-league took a -16 last week just to find themselves left with 4 players who won’t be available for selection!

The other side of the argument as to whether you should drop players is that the players who don’t feature this week (with the exception of Crystal Palace players) will all enjoy another double game week between now and the end of the season (and you can add Chelsea, Liverpool and Sunderland to that too). So you might want to keep hold of one or two of these prized players – squad depth is key to this!

The chances are that no-one will have a double free transfer this week as managers would have been optimimsing their team for last week’s double fixtures. It is incredibly difficult to justify a minus points hit for a single game week unless you are bringing in someone that you might play as captain.

For example, you might choose to drop Martial and Payet and bring in Aguero and another midfielder like Iwobi. If you were then to captain Aguero you can easily redeem the points with just a goal and the chance of something much bigger. Minus points are always a gamble and my head tells me to warn you not to take them – the trouble with football predictions is that our gut often overrules our heart and we end up going for the glory – try and refrain from this unless it means bringing in a captain.

The only other real justification is if you are bringing in a player that is going to feature in the double game week 37 and you might have struggled to get him in before the game week. So, lets say for example you want to take advantage of Liverpool’s upcoming double game week and you have no Liverpool players. You might decide that you want to get 3 players in before GW37. You could only do this if you brought one in each week – but if you were also going to want to bring in an extra West Ham player next week then you would have to take a minus points hit to do that (and bring in the Liverpool players) so you may as well do it this week.

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