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GW30-34 Strategy: Double Game Week Planning

GW30-34 Strategy: Double Game Week Planning

Game Week 30-34 Strategy

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With news of the double game weeks still to come many Fantasy Premier League managers will be considering their transfer policy very carefully over the next few weeks and with good reason too. Hopefully you have been following our weekly tips ahead of game week 30 and you are well prepared for the blanks that are coming this week. Remember, it is also likely that Arsenal and West Brom will be added to the casualty list should Arsenal beat Hull City on Tuesday night.

Whatever state your team is in, once your final preparations are made for GW30 you should be turning your attentions to getting as many top double game weekers as possible for gameweek 34 when the fixtures are likely to be played.

As it stands we know that the following teams will be getting a double game week at some point (likely to be GW34): 

  • Man Utd
  • Crystal Palace
  • Sunderland
  • Everton (will get two double game weeks)
  • West Ham
  • Watford
  • Man City
  • Newcastle
  • Liverpool (will get two double game weeks)
  • Chelsea
  • Possibly Arsenal and West Brom to be added

With at least half of the Premier League teams having a double game week to come in gameweek 34 it is with utmost importance that you prepare for that and fill your team with as many of those top players as possible. As we can see, the two Merseyside clubs will get two DGW’s each so these players could be even more valuable.

The GW34 Shortlist

If we look at the top performing players from these sides the following players have to be worthy of consideration for GW34:

  • Ross Barkley – Vs. Southampton (and potentially Liverpool)
  • Romelu Lukaku - Vs. Southampton (and potentially Liverpool)
  • Dimitri Payet – Vs. Leicester City (and potentially Watford)
  • Odion Ighalo – Vs. West Brom (and potentially West Ham)
  • Sergio Aguero – Vs. Chelsea (and potentially Newcastle)
  • Roberto Firmino – Vs. Bournemouth (and potentially Chelsea)

A strike force that includes Lukaku and Aguero is likely to be the most popular combination and despite the tough away game at Chelsea it looks like a good combination. The third striker could be a punt on Odion Ighalo to rediscover his scoring form or perhaps a punt on someone like Anthony Martial who will face Crystal Palace and Aston Villa at home in GW34. The third striker is best kept for as your last minute swap although Harry Kane looks like a good player to swap out after GW31 with a tough round of fixtures coming after that week (Liverpool, Man Utd, Stoke).

A midfield that contains the likes of Ross Barkley, Payet, Firmino, Ozil and then perhaps Mahrez would look quality going in to that week whilst you should be able to fashion your defence in to decent double game week shape with Man Utd and West Ham having pretty good fixtures that week from a defensive point of view.

Whatever your game plan is, you need to be thinking about it now. You want to minimise the impact of taking a hit and start making your changes this week if possible. Of course, many of the double game week players do not play this week but your Man City and Newcastle players do so you should be able to pick someone up there – although I am sure you will be opting for City over Newcastle with the current form in mind.

There will be an update to this strategy towards the end of this week which will be for Premium Members only.

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  1. Salam Uddin

    Wouldn’t Man United and West Ham also have two Double Gameweeks? Because Man U isn’t playing Crystal Palace this week, they’re not playing West Ham on GW 35. And West Ham isn’t playing Watford this week.

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