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How Team Loyalty Can Spell Doom in Fantasy Football

How Team Loyalty Can Spell Doom in Fantasy Football

As a football fan, it's a wonderful thing to have a home or favourite team to support. It's even exciting to pick out a couple of the players to follow and root for them over their careers. These kinds of loyalty are to be admired. However, there are times when pledging undying support for a team or player can spell doom.


Winning or Loyalty?

As a fantasy sports manager or gambler, a person has to make a decision about how serious they are about winning. If winning is secondary to player and team loyalty, that's more than acceptable as long as the individual understands the sacrifice they are making by following their heart. If winning is the primary objective, then one has to leave their heart out of key decisions.


Drafting a Fantasy Football Team

When it comes time to draft a fantasy football team for league play or select players for a daily money contest, the key to winning is selecting the best possible team based on reality. If a manager's favourite players happen to be some of the top players on the board, then by all means they should be selected if available.

Where issues arise is when a manager is faced with selecting their favourite player or a player from their favourite team when better options are still available. In a highly competitive fantasy football league or contest, sacrificing a point or two to make a choice by heart often ends up being the difference between winning and losing. Statistics don't lie and the brain knows who the better choice would be. It's up to the fantasy team manager to commit to selecting the best player available at all times or be prepared to lose their money.

Betting Football

Only a fool would consistently throw their money away betting on a team that is losing more than winning. That said, it's the money lines in football that muddy the water a bit. If the odds properly reflect a losing team's chances of winning, it might still be possible to show a profit betting that team on a consistent basis as long as the payoffs when they win exceed the money wagered over time on that team.

The problem is that there is an opportunity cost that comes along with choosing one bet over another. If a gambler is committed to wagering their limited bankroll on their favourite team, they will usually do so without properly analysing the other matches listed on the board. This is a fatal mistake for gamblers. If the board shows 10 matches, honing in on one game because the gambler's favourite team is playing puts them in a position where they are constantly at the mercy of their loyalty.

Finding the Edge

If someone is willing to put loyalty aside long enough to look at other options, they improve their chances winning on a consistent basis. There was a time not so long ago where statistical data was not readily available, leaving many gamblers betting blind unless they invested the time to gather stats on their own. Those days are long gone. With the advent of the Internet and sports handicapping websites, the data is all there wrapped up in a pink bow. That's the edge today's fantasy football managers and gamblers have if they learn how to use it. If the best betting option available based on data happens to land on one's favourite team or player, so be it. Otherwise, it's far better to let the data help make the right choices.

Here's the thing. A person might feel disloyal choosing other players or betting on other teams, especially if picking the best choice means a favourite team or player will directly suffer the consequences. To get past this emotional issue here are two concepts to consider. First, playing fantasy football for money or betting football with a sports book is about business, nothing personal. Secondly, the teams and players will never know someone has been disloyal unless they tell them themselves.

This article is courtesy of self proclaimed fantasy football wizard John Hawthorne. As a fan of football John tries to learn all he can from watching the sport and studying the analytical data. His passion for knowledge and sports have led him to working for sports betting system website

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