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How to use the Second Wildcard?

How to use the Second Wildcard?

When and how to play the Wildcard?

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EDITORS NOTE: I know it's hard to believe but even our writers get it wrong sometimes. The second wildcard can now be played anytime after GW19 has started until the end of the season. A lot of this article is still relevant so we will keep it up and a lot of people will use their wildcard early in January so you could still apply some of the principles.

With just one game week separating us and the January wildcard transfer window many FPL managers will be desperate to activate it and make changes to their squads. Others will be wondering whether it is best to play the long game so we thought we’d take a look at the options now so you’re prepared for the new year and focus on the factors that might influence your decision...

The FA Cup

The FA Cup is loved all over the world for they way it brings teams from all levels together but with the third and fourth rounds both being played in January it is possible that it could impact on your FPL team in some way. Although these fixtures have been worked alongside the Premier League (meaning we should not see any double game weeks or no shows in January) we could still see some issues around injuries and fatigue. This could become a factor given that we see one round of EPL fixtures on 2nd and 3rd January with EPL games not returning until 12th and 13th January due to the third round of the FA Cup. These midweek fixtures are quickly followed by another round of fixtures for game week 22 on 23rd January.

The cup fixtures return in the final week of January so those overly cautious managers may want to keep the wildcard for this time.

The Template Team

The form of players such as Riyad Mahrez, Jamie Vardy, Mesut Ozil and other top performers has meant the template team for the 2015/16 season has looked a little different to that of other seasons but will this change as the season goes on? Will Leicester continue to rule the Premier League, will these players continue to perform to this high level and will they remain at their respective clubs? All of these questions will continue to grow through January and will mean that by keeping the wildcard for as long as possible will see it’s value grow and will allow you to adapt should a player transfer out of the Premier League.

Bringing in a High Value Player

The likes of Sergio Aguero, Alexis Sanchez and Eden Hazard might find themselves in high demand during January as the Man City players return to full fitness following injury and Hazard looks to recapture lost form under his new interim manager. The question here is whether it is worth using the wildcard to facilitate such a move and if so when to do it?

You are probably only going to go for one of these high value players (two at the most) and this can be done with one free transfer (if you have money in the bank) or by taking a minus hit if not (unless you save a free transfer from game week 19).

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