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Introducing Premier Punt – The Home of Fantasy Sports Betting

Introducing Premier Punt – The Home of Fantasy Sports Betting

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Introducing Premier Punt - A Review

For those of you who follow our Fantasy Premier League tips on a regular basis, you will know that last week we proudly announced a new sponsorship deal that sees Premier Punt – Fantasy Football Daily Betting (, become our official site sponsors. In fact, we were so taken with Premier Punt that we allowed them to sponsor every aspect of what we do, from our weekly podcast to our gameweek tips articles.

Who are Premier Punt and what do they do?

Premier Punt brand themselves as the Home of Daily Fantasy Sports Betting and they allow you to play for money or just for fun. They even run competitions that are free to enter that allow you to win real cash prizes – this week they have a free to play £200 cash prize game – enter your team here right now. We have already submitted our team so why not take us on. Although the daily game will be a big feature of their site this season, Premier Punt also operate weekly games and the buy in for a league is anything from £2 upwards. Of course, the bigger the buy in, the bigger the prize.

We thought we would take the site for a spin and give a full review here:

Our First Impressions:

On first look, the site looks clean, modern and has a fresh feel to it. We were greeted by an email sign up form which was easy enough to complete and upon clicking the verification email in our inbox we were straight in to the members area of the site.

From here you can check out the daily and weekly competitions (including the free to enter ones) and also check out the prizes on offer. The £200 free to play league really caught our eye so we signed up a team to it straight away.

Fantasy Premier League Tips

Visit Premier Punt Today

Selecting your teams:

This part is really simple and has a similar feel to Fantasy Premier League, but it has enough variety in options to keep it interesting such as 3 different formation options, a £100m budget and varied player prices. The big difference here to FPL is that you only have to select 11 players and you can choose 3 different teams for that week. As the free to play league was open, I set up 3 different team lineups and entered them straight in to the £200 prize league.

How does the points scoring work?

Points scoring is pretty much the same as Fantasy Premier League with the exception of there being no bonus points to take in to consideration. This made it slightly easier to select our teams, although we still found it difficult enough to choose a team within the budget – this keeps the game really interesting.

How much can I win?

As we said, Premier Punt are committed to including free to play ‘cash prize’ games and in this week’s game you can win part of £200 prize fund. But there are other games where you can pay to play and you can on other players. This can be a head to head or a small league – the more players, the bigger the prize pot, the more you stand to win.

The prize pot is dictated by the Premier Punt payout structure which can be found in their ‘How to play’ section of the website, but typically you win 75% of the prize pot for finishing 1st and 25% for finishing second.

How much does it cost?

That is completely up to you and how much you are prepared to invest. We just entered the free to play league, but when we played, there were other games starting from just £2 per entry and this went up to £50 per entry.

So why choose Premier Punt?

The format looks great, the game is essentially the one we all love from FPL, but what sets Premier Punt aside from other Fantasy Betting Sites. We got in touch with Global Director John Gordon to find out more.

“What sets us aside is our knowledge of the game, love of the game, organic Britishness (no rosters here) and of course the product. We will have a full range of weekly, daily and single games (5 player game, coming soon) available.”

He went on to say,

“The new single game will have a new scoring system with players gaining/losing points for almost every action. We feel this single game will really take off on the app format.”

FFT: Great, so there’s going to be an app?

JG: - Yes. Our app will be solely based on the single game format. It will be easy to choose a team on your phone, and on the go, based on the following: - There is no transfer budget, so less information to take in - Only two teams to choose from, so the pool of players is less - All the information is on your screen at a glance. The two line ups are shown side by side and the past performance scores are shown beside the player strip, so all the information is there at a glance.

FFT: But hasn’t this been tried before?

JG: We feel that in the past other companies have tried and failed at creating a workable app for the daily fantasy sport betting site based on the fact that there is just too much information to take in if there is multiple fixtures to choose from. Everything we have created here puts the user first and plays on the strengths of Fantasy Football.

FFT: Sounds great, do you have any other exciting news we can share?

JG: We also have the Champions League and the Championship (from December 2015) this season. We will be the first to provide this sort of product for the Championship. 


The Verdict on Premier Punt:

Let’s be honest, we already spend far too much time on our Fantasy Premier League sides, so we really didn’t need another game to cause our better half’s to nag us more than they already do… BUT… this is a great game, it actually made me look at my FPL team with fresh eyes and it all seems a little bit more fun as you are not committing to the yearly league… hell, if we make a mistake then we can start again the week after, or even the day after in the case of the daily games.

It is a big thumbs up from us at Fantasy Football Tips and we challenge you to beat us in the free to play (no deposit needed) £200 league – you need to sign up by Saturday morning so what are you waiting for? Go to Premier Punt and play now by clicking here.


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