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We are pleased to announce that will be supporting the brand new fantasy football platform


Who are

Mondogoal are a brand new, state of the art fantasy football betting exchange, offering daily games for the chance to win money.  Some of their games are paid for and some are free – giving complete control to you – the customer.  Mondogoal have already secured some big partnership agreements and are working alongside the likes of Manchester City, Liverpool FC, AS Roma and West Ham United.


How does Mondogoal work?

Mondogoal is a daily fantasy football exchange which basically means that you pit your wits against other real people – you can play head to head with one other manager, in leagues of 4,8,16,25 or more players.  You decide before you play.  You choose which competition you want to base your game on – for example the English Premier League, La Liga, Serie A etc.  You then pick your team sticking to within your budget and hey presto – you wait for the goals to come in, the minutes to tick by – and if you win against the other player(s) you win the cash.


Fantasy football exchange

An example of the Mondogoal games you can take part in.


So how much do I have to pay for Mondogoal?

This is the brilliant part of Mondogoal – it is completely up to you.  They even have free weekly games that you can play where you can win £100!  Without spending a penny.  Lot’s of our followers tell us that they are the best fantasy football managers, well now you can prove it – if you are the best then you could win £100 each week without paying a penny.

The paid for games offer different price categories starting at just £1 and can go up to any amount – just remember that this is fun so never gamble what you can’t afford to lose.


What do I win?

The majority of the games give the chance to win cold hard cash, but some games have other nice prizes like signed shirts, VIP tickets to watch top European teams and other football related goodies.  If you want to make the game a little more competitive you could try your hand at one of the big prize games like the weekly £1000 guaranteed prize game – it is just £5 to buy in and if you win it, you will win a grand!  Not bad just for picking a fantasy football team is it – are you really as good as you think you are?

You can choose to go head to head with your mates or play against strangers – the choice is yours!


But I already play fantasy premier league or another popular fantasy football game?

Yes, we know you already play fantasy football – hopefully like us you are playing FPL.  But, what makes so special is that it is a daily fantasy game – so it is like playing an entire season in a day.  If it goes badly, you can play again the next day.  Also – it gives the opportunity to gain quick returns on good performances as well as Champions League fantasy football – which can never be a bad thing.


What are you waiting for – play Mondogoal today and let us know how you get on.

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