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New Fantasy Premier League Website and App for 2016/17

New Fantasy Premier League Website and App for 2016/17

Brand New FPL Website Set To Launch

We have started to look ahead to the new Premier League 2016/17 season and predicted a few days ago that we are just a week or two away from the Fantasy Premier League website going live again after their summer break.

If you attempt to log in to the FPL website then you will find that it currently states the new fantasy football game will launch in July. It also states that they will be launching a brand new website and app ready for the new season.

Will this mean that finally there will a mobile optimised website for players on mobile devices? Does it finally mean that we will get a decent app to easily manage our team? Well we hope so, but one thing is clear from this and that is that the Premier League are looking to develop the world's most popular fantasy soccer game and that our beloved competition isn't going anywhere.

So what's new in Fantasy Premier League 2016/17?

It remains to be seen whether the changes will be purely aesthetic or whether there will be gameplay changes too. Could it be that the chips last season were a little tester and bigger changes are afoot this season? Possibly, but we think it is unlikely.

As soon as the new site launches we will be doing a full video review of the website and looking to analyse the changes in depth for our premium members as part of new look video tips section that will sit alongside our FPL podcast.

Will we have to pay to play Fantasy Premier League?

The FPL format is the most popular fantasy football game with over 3 million players worldwide. There is already a paid game with bigger prizes and it may well be that the Premier League will push this side of the game but we can't see them alienating the players playing the free game by implementing a charge.

It also doesn't make good business sense. The website is currently littered with banner advertisements and with monthly traffic in the millions they would lose out on a lot of advertising revenue.

Would you prefer to pay for a better user experience and no adverts or are you happy as you are?

Looking Ahead

Whatever the new FPL website holds in store for us, the very fact that they are investing in the development of the game is a good sign. It is a clear indication that our favourite fantasy game is going nowhere soon and could be set to get a whole lot better.

Our excitement is palpable! Not long to wait now!

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  1. fantasyfootballtips

    The start of FPL 2016/17 is not far away now… can’t wait!

  2. Mawutor

    please where can I download the app?

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