Online Sports betting Options

Are you ready to get into sports betting, but do to have a good understanding of what is involved? A good option is to find an online guide that will help you learn the basics and even some advanced methods. You may be surprised at the online sports betting options that are available.

The odds for the sports you may want to bet on will often be different from casino to casino. You can find an invaluable about of information about odds from online sports betting website reviews.


Betting on football is done by selecting the bet number for a specific team, the amount being wagered, and the point spread. The payout for a football bet is typically 10/11. This means an $11 wager will have a $10 win and a return of $21.


Placing a bet on baseball requires you to select the number of the team you want to bet on and amount to wager. You need to review the payout schedule or “Money Line” to determine the payout when the selected team wins the game.


Placing bets on basketball is just like placing a bet on football. Select the bet number for the team you want to bet on, provide the point spread and the amount to water. The payout is also the same at 10/11.

Auto Racing

Betting on auto racing has become extremely popular and its appeal looks to continue to grow. Simply pick the driver or car number you want to win the race. The odds are better for popular drivers as there is the entire field to select from. If a driver has odds at 15-1, then a $10 bet will get you $150 plus your $10 bet for a total payout of $160.


Placing a bet on a hockey game will require the bet number for a specific team and the amount you are wagering. You need to review the “Money Line” for the goal spread and payout. The goal spread is the number of goals a team must win by to win the bet. Spreads that include ½ goals will be rounded up.


Gold just like auto racing is becoming a popular sport to bet on. Placing bets is just like the process for auto racing. You simply need to pick the player you think will win the tournament. The odds often vary for players in each tournament. A $10 bet at 15-1 odds will win you $150 plus your $10 back. You may also bet on pairings or match ups of players with a predetermined betting line.


Betting on a boxing match is done by selecting the bet number of the boxer you want to win the match and the amount being wagered. You will need to review the “Money Line” for boxing odds. One detail you should know about betting on boxing is a straight bet will be refunded if the match is a draw.

Horse Racing

Placing a bet on a horse race will require you to first select a race track. You then need to choose a race to bet on, the number of the horse and the amount being wagered. There are also “place” bets and “show” bets that can be made. A horse needs to be first or second to win a payout for a “place” bet and be first, second, or third to win a payout for a “show” bet.