Paul Pogba – FPL Player Or Not?

Paul Pogba – FPL Player Or Not?

Is Paul Pogba A Good FPL Proposition At £8.5m?

You can plan all summer for you FPL team choice for the season ahead but there are always some last minute transfers that throw things up in the air a little. Paul Pogba is undoubtedly the transfer of the season, but following his world record breaking transfer to Manchester United, the question has been floating around whether or not he is a good player for your Fantasy Premier League side.

Whilst the transfer of Pogba from Juventus to United was not a surprise, the £8.5m price tag (in FPL money) was a little lower than many had predicted. Twitter feeds across the globe were predicting prices in the region of £9m to £10.5m and whilst the top end of that range would have definitely priced him out of even the most optimistic #POGBACK supporters, an tempting £8.5m might just see him end up in a few teams.

But is Pogba worth it? After all, there is plenty of competition in the £8-£8.5m price range.

Paul Pogba Stats

Pogba made 32 Serie A appearances last season (2 of them coming from the bench) and in that time he assisted 10 goals and scored 8 of his own. He did also pick up 10 yellow cards along the way. He was also awarded man of the match 8 times. Interestingly, he averaged 3.5 shots per game which is pretty high for a midfielder when compared to other Premier League midfielders. For example, Alexis Sanchez who is considered to be one of the more attacking Premier League midfielders only mustered an average of 3.6 shots per game last season (but did convert 13 of those and only picked up 1 yellow card).

Pogba FPL

Paul Pogba has scored 8 goals in each of his last 2 seasons at Juve

Pogba’s FPL points (without BPS) would have been in the region of 90 for the season once deducting his yellow cards. That does not take in to consideration any clean sheets either. If we compare him to the far more expensive Alexis Sanchez, he would have achieved more in the region of 77 points for his goals and assists – take one yellow card giving him 76 points – suddenly Pogba starts to sound like quite an attractive option.

Where will Pogba Play?

Pogba has been described as the complete modern midfielder and the exact position that he will play has been the subject of much discussion amongst pundits before and after his move was finalised. If we look at the Frenchman’s final season at Juventus he played the majority of his games a central midfielder (34 in all competitions) and just 3 as a defensive midfielder.

It is this No. 8 position that is more box to box that we expect to see from him but Mourinho may well have other plans. What is clear is that United have an embarrassment of riches in attack and attacking midfield and it is hard to see where Pogba would play in the attacking set up. Mourinho likes to have two holding midfield players and we could see him deploying Pogba alongside Morgan Schneiderlin with 5 ahead of him.

That is not to say that Pogba cannot be effective from this position and his physical, athletic style looks perfectly suited to the Premier League. Mourinho is likely to find a core to his team and stick with it for the majority of the Premier League season – and Pogba will certainly be in that core of players so game time should not be a concern.

Pogba is unlikely to feature this weekend against Bournemouth as he has had zero pre-season – which is a shame as the opening 3 fixtures for Man Utd are pretty tempting. That being said, Pogba did keep his fitness up in New York over the summer as he prepared for his United medical – but with this lack of match fitness in mind, Pogba should probably be watched until we select him in our teams.

Amazingly, 9.1% of FPL managers have already selected the Frenchman in their sides, and this is just hours after the player has been added to the game!

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  1. Francis Tews

    His stunning strikes for Juventus were often the talk of social media and you can expect plenty of screamers in the Premier League.

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