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Raheem Sterling to Man City – Does he make the FPL team?

Raheem Sterling to Man City – Does he make the FPL team?

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Raheem Sterling Transfer to Man City and should he be in your team?

As the weekend draws to a close it seems that Man City will get their man as we expected and it looks like £49m is the going rate for a fast paced attacking English midfielder – even though he looked devoid of confidence at the back end of last season (or perhaps he just couldn’t be bothered any more).

Man City and Liverpool have agreed the £49m fee and we expect the deal to go through in the next few days meaning that you can now get a Man City attacking midfielder for £9m in Fantasy Premier League – but is he worth it and should you put him in your team?

Raheem Sterling Vs. David Silva

For the purpose of this article we will take a direct comparison with David Silva, who was Man City’s best midfielder last season with 191 points. Sterling only just managed to squeeze in to the top ten with 158 points whereas City’s Spanish assist machine was rated the third best midfielder in FPL 2014/15. You can pick David Silva in your squad for £10m (£1m more than Sterling) but of course Sterling will now be playing with a more potent strike force so lets take a look what the stats point to…

Raheem Sterling Stats

Raheem Sterling made 35 appearances in the Premier League last season as opposed to David Silva’s 32. In that time David Silva scored 12 goals to Sterlings 7. One thing to bear in mind is that Sterling was playing as a striker for much of last season, which you may think is an advantage – but this is not his preferred position and he fluffed many chances where assists to a striker like Aguero may have paid dividends.

So let’s take a look at the chances created… David Silva create 93 chances over the course of the season whereas Raheem provided 75 chances. Again, Liverpool did not play such an attacking style of football last season (especially compared to Man City) and so picturing the soon to be ex-Liverpool player in a City shirt – it is not too difficult to imagine him providing a few more chances.

Sterling received 5 yellow cards to Silva’s 8 but neither received a red card through the course of the season.

In my honest opinion, putting Sterling into the City team will make him a better player and from an attacking point of view will make him a much more potent prospect.


So do I put Sterling in my FPL team?

And here in lies the $64,000,000 question – or in this case £49,000,000 question… do we put Sterling in our team. Sure, we save £1m on David Silva, or £2m on Alexis Sanchez (even more on Hazard) but is he a safe bet? Will Raheem Sterling start at Man City or will he be used as a squad player? Well – City are big spenders, but they don’t spend £49m on a squad player – this is no Scott Sinclair or Jack Rodwell, this is one of Englands brightest young prospects since Wayne Rooney.

In conclusion, my gut at the moment is telling me to put him in – playing with the likes of Silva, Toure, Aguero, Bony, Dzeko etc. can only be beneficial to a player who has been trained to be a provider of assists rather than a goal poacher – at the moment I am almost excited at putting him in my team – but I won’t let my heart rule on this one, although I am afraid to say my head is telling me to do the same. As it stands – Sterling is in…

What are your thoughts? Tell us below…


3 comments on "Raheem Sterling to Man City – Does he make the FPL team?"

  1. Jono Forwood

    Perosnally I think Sterling is overrated and I won’t be putting him in my starting line up. In terms of the City team I think you’re right and they won’t spend £49m on a bench player, but in a 4-2-3-1 he won’t push Silva out of the number 10 role so will be on either wing, and if Pellegrini returns to a 4-4-2 he’ll also probably end up on one of the wings. I think this will make him much less effective than the Spanish maestro! If he somehow ends up playing up front again (ie James Milner during Aguero’s Xmas injury) then I’ll throw him straight in, but right now there are more effective uses of £9m

  2. The Source

    If Aguero is not fully fit for the start of the season it could be worth giving him a run out early on – if he hits the ground running then his price will rise and it could be more difficult to squeeze him in to your team then?

    Just food for thought.

  3. Brandon

    Im thinking of playing both Silva and Sterling till Aguero comes back

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