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Special Feature – Daily Fantasy Football

Special Feature – Daily Fantasy Football

Special Feature - Daily Fantasy Football

We've been getting a lot of questions emailed to us about Daily Fantasy EPL, which is different to the traditional version, and so we've decided to put together a little guide to daily fantasy football to help you understand exactly what it is and whether you should be playing it.

So in short, what is daily fantasy?

The easiest way to think of daily fantasy, is that it's just like regular fantasy except that every time you play, you start from the beginning. You get a budget (usually $50,000) and you must draft a team, but it will only apply to one set of fixtures.

Which company should I use?

We recommend only using Draft Kings and it's a huge company, with headquarters in the United States an United Kingdom. They're known to be reputable and reliable and by clicking on our link you get a free entry with your first deposit.

What is the main advantage?

In our opinion the main advantage is that if you make a mistake or draft a bad player, it's all over after one round of fixtures and you get a chance to try again next week.

What is the main disadvantage?

If you make a great find a pick up a superb player for very little, your upside only lasts for one week before everyone can buy that player.

Is it free?

Daily fantasy can be played for money, or for free. Generally speaking, most people play for small amounts of cash which gets pooled and given to the winners.

How does strategy change from regular fantasy?

Well, while the absolute fundamentals are the same (draft the best team you can within your budget), there are also some key differences. The greatest difference is the importance of player matchups. As you only choose a player for one specific game, it becomes crucial that you pick those going up against good opposition. For example Jermain Defoe playing Hull City at home might be a better pick than Diego Costa playing Man City away, even if Costa may be a better player over the season.

Isn't it impossible to actually win?

Not necessarily. There are huge competitions where only £1 can return thousands, and of course these are almost impossible to win. There are also, however, smaller competitions where you can play in a league of say 10, and the top 5 all double their money.

Do I need to get friends to play?

No, in every game you're matched up against strangers.

How did it start?

Well the concept of daily fantasy sports was popularised in the United States and mainly played in basketball and american football, but recently, one of the biggest companies, Draft Kings has brought the game to the UK and made a version for the Premier League and Champions League.

Where can I get advice on strategy 

Draft Kings have an entire section of their website devoted to strategy and we'll be posting at least one advice article a week, but only for our premium members.


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