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Vote for us in the FBA’s

Vote for us in the FBA’s

The Football Blog Awards

It's that time of year again where the Football Blog Awards have opened for nominations. We were gutted last year as the Blog Awards (also affectionately known as the FBA's) dropped the fantasy football blog category. This year they have introduced a gaming category and have asked us to be a part of it - if we get enough votes that is....

And that's where you come in... hopefully!

As someone who follows our Fantasy Premier League tips we are asking you to vote for us to be nominated in the 'Best Gaming Football Blog'. We considered going for the podcast blog but it makes more sense for us to enter the gaming blog category. You can only vote in one so if you are going to vote for us then please make it the Best Gaming Football Blog category.

How to Vote

You can vote for us via using one of the following two ways:


If voting by Twitter you can simply tweet by clicking here:

Tweet: I am voting in @TheFBAs for @fpl_TheSource as the Best #Gaming Football Blog

or you can go to Twitter and type in the following: I am voting in @TheFBAs for @fpl_TheSource as the Best #Gaming Football Blog

Vote Using The FBA Website:

Alternatively, you can vote using the form on the FBA website here. Simply type or FPL_TheSource in to the 'Best Gaming Football Blog' category to nominate us.

Why Vote For Us?

We rarely ask for much back from you guys and we always give our all in the tips that we provide. We feel that in what has been nearly 2 years of us running that we have come a hell of a long way. The podcast is a significant part of our blog and when you couple that with the consistently high level of editorial quality that we provide every single week, we feel that we deserve to be up there with some of the other gaming blogs out there.

This is your chance to repay us for always being here and it won't cost you a penny. Who knows, if we get nominated we may even ask one of you guys to be on our table at the awards ceremony at Old Trafford.

That link again to vote is: Tweet: I am voting in @TheFBAs for @fpl_TheSource as the Best #Gaming Football Blog

We would also like to take this opportunity to thank you for following us up to this point.

Speak soon


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