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What type of manager are you?

What type of manager are you?

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It is our pleasure to announce a new contributor to the fantasy football tips website - Ousman Touray, our newest writer gives us his take on the various types of Fantasy Premier League manager. We would argue that the most successful manager would be a mixture of a few of these, but let us know what you think... expect to see more articles during the season from Ousman:


As we get closer to the kick off of the Premier League season 2015/16, all the fantasy football managers are busy assembling, shuffling and reshuffling their squads. It is a very stressful task and you could end up with a totally different squad from the one you picked initially. Here are some of the managers out there. What kind of manager are you?



Well this one is quite self-explanatory. This type of Fantasy Football manager goes all out and spends a lot on key players, mostly forwards and midfielders. You will only be able to spend big money on a maximum of 3 players in order to fill your squad up. For example, once you buy Aguero, Sanchez and Costa, you would have exhausted over half of your total budget already with 3 players. So all the other players would have to be fairly cheap ones.

If you apply this method it will weaken other areas of your team which means you might lose valuable points. On the other hand, if one or two of your players rake high scores in, you could get a very good total at the end of the week. But let's say, they all have a bad day, you end up with very little points which isn't what you want.


Now this type of fantasy football manager is so loyal to his team that he chooses the top players of his favorite premier league side regardless of how many points they produce per week. In this case if you happened to be anything other than a Chelsea, Man United, Arsenal or Man City fan, you would end up spending a lot on players who may not give you a lot of points per week. Your chances of winning would be reduced.


Hmmm... this type of manager is the wise one. This manager would use a combination of statistics from previous seasons/games and follow the league and premier league news all the time. So this manager would know when the international breaks are on, when a double game week is coming up or any other piece of information that would affect his/her team's progress. The tacticians always get top positions but they do not always win league tables. Too much care will not guarantee a top place unfortunately.


The gambler makes some crazy changes and picks some crazy teams. Most of the time the gambler would pick a side that is unique and different from the common trend. The total opposite of the players with a high pick percentage by other fantasy football managers. This method will either work extremely well and put the manager at a peak position, or fail woefully and cost the manager a lot of points and it will take a lot to catch up with the rest of the managers in your league(s).


The copycat looks at other teams that are doing well and makes transfers to get exactly the same team. The problem with this method is, the teams you are copying are already way ahead of you so copying them will not get you closer to them, and you will just crawl forward with the same gap.


Managing is all about getting the best out of the tightest budget possible. Get a team that will produce points but won't take you over your budget. The expensive players this season did well last season and we are very sure that there will be some cheap players out there that are yet to prove a point and they can earn you many valuable points. Because everyone else will be looking to buy players who have proven to be competitive, you have an edge over them if you get unique unnoticed talent that would get you the same amount of points for less money. Have a look at the league fixtures and pick according to the results you expect.


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