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Why Manchester United Player Wayne Rooney is Worth Every Penny

Why Manchester United Player Wayne Rooney is Worth Every Penny

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Why Manchester United’s Wayne Rooney is Worth Every Penny in Fantasy Premier League

When Wayne Rooney signed for Manchester United for £20,000,000 almost 11 years ago, there was no doubt that he was going to have a bright future. At the time there were comparisons made to Paul Gascoigne and questions were asked as to whether he would completely fulfill his potential as being a world class striker or whether he would adopt a deeper role to have more influence in games. 340 league appearances and 170 league goals later and it is fair to say that under the three United managers he has played under, all of them have experimented with his role in the team.

With an average of 1 goal in every 2 league games it is easy to see why the privileged few at Fantasy Premier League HQ have slapped a £10.5m price tag on his head, despite only scoring 12 goals and gaining 5 assists in the 2014/15 season. In fact, it is Rooney’s lowest scoring season in terms of FPL points since before 2006, comparing dismally with his highest points haul reaping a whopping 230 points in 2011/12 and a commanding 190 points in 2013/14.

Although £10.5m may seem a little steep when compared to the likes of Olivier Giroud (£9m), Harry Kane (£9.5m) and Christian Benteke (£8.5m), a £10m+ price tag is the lowest Rooney has had at the start of a season since he was a teenager - but is he worth it?

Wayne Rooney Stats FPL

Looking at the data in a purely statistical way, you would say that Rooney is on a downward trend and at the age of 29 perhaps he has peaked and is no longer a serious FPL prospect. But that is where statistics alone will not make you and FPL winner and we would go as far as to say that Wayne Rooney could be the difference between the middle and top sides this year.

In pre-season, every one is hyping up Eden Hazard, Alexis Sanchez and of course Sergio Aguero. There has been some talk on Theo Walcott, Christian Benteke, Harry Kane and Diego Costa. There has been a few mutterings about Rooney – but if he re-captures his form from a few seasons ago then he could be in that top 3 player bracket.

What the statistics do and don’t tell you:

In the last 3 seasons (including the last that Alex Ferguson was in charge) Rooney has only started 24 games as a striker. In those 24 games he has scored 13 goals. However, we also know that Rooney is a player who scores in gluts and therefore needs a good run as a striker. The two seasons that Rooney played predominantly as a striker were the 2009/10 season and the 2011/12 season – both of which saw him score 26 goals from those starts as a striker.

And here in lies the issue. Last season, and indeed the season before under David Moyes, Rooney was having to compete for his position up front and more importantly was asked to do a job for a team that was devoid of midfield quality. Sometimes being asked to play out wide or in central midfield. The tables have now turned and United are short up front but have an abundance of talent in midfield.

Rooney has already been guaranteed the striker role for the season, and even if Pedro does come in, he is likely to adopt a wider position which will still allow Rooney the chance to act as the main front man. Rooney himself has set himself the target of 20 plus goals this season and we expect him to achieve it. If he stays fit and continues to play up front with Depay, Mata, Schweinsteiger, Young, Carrick, Herrera all in behind to assit – we think it could be a very good season ahead for Wayne Rooney! His average of 1 goal in every 2 would see him hit 19 goals for the season - but we think this will be a return to goal scoring form for the £300,000 per week ex-Everton man. is a website that uses statistics to feed in to a complex algorithm to predict FPL points. Over the first 5 gameweeks it predicts that Rooney will score an average of 3.6 points per game. It also predicts that Harry Kane will score 6.1 points per game and Diego Costa will score 4.3 points per game. We are not so sure about using a purely statistical method but perhaps a blend of statistics, the human brain and gut instinct can prove to be a winning formula.

Put it this way, if we can squeeze £10.5m out of our budget then we will be opting for Wanye Rooney to lead our forward line in a hope of a return to a 200+ points per season return.

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